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Why is Cardiac Surgery in Israel a Top Choice?

Cardiac Surgery in Israel

When cardiac illness leads to the need for surgery, it is critical to choose a medical center renowned for its expertise in the latest techniques and technologies. Nowadays, minimally invasive techniques have been developed to replace conventional open-heart surgery. These advanced procedures are associated with less stress on the body and a shorter, easier recovery – but they are not offered at every medical center. Whether congenital heart disease surgery for an adult is required or pediatric congenital heart surgery, cardiac surgery in Israel offers patients of all ages cutting-edge treatments done by top-tier specialists.

Cardiac Surgery in Israel

Different Types of Cardiac Surgery in Israel

The most common procedure performed in Israel is coronary bypass surgery, and approximately 400 of these procedures are done yearly at Sheba Medical Center – a clear testimony to expertise. In addition, Sheba’s cardiac specialists are world leaders in a range of other heart operations.

In particular, cardiac surgeons in Israel have extensive experience in heart valve surgeries. Currently, Sheba is the only hospital in Israel that offers the minimally invasive thoracoscopic assisted open-heart surgery and pioneering “Heartport” system, as well as other minimally invasive methods. These safer techniques are paving the way towards full robotic surgery.

Exceptional Experience

With just one glance at the following numbers, the vast experience of the Department of Cardiac Surgery at Sheba Medical Center becomes crystal clear:

  • About 3,500 inpatients and 2,500 outpatients are treated yearly
  • More than 1,200 open heart surgeries are performed annually, including adult congenital heart disease surgery and pediatric congenital heart surgery
  • Hundreds of mitral valve and aortic valve replacement procedures have been done
  • 50 transplantations have been done since 1992, with a success rate that rivals the best international medical centers

Cardiac Specialists with Superior Skill

Surgeons at the Leviev Heart Center at Sheba have trained at the world’s leading hospitals.

Leonid Sternik

Dr. Leonid Sternik

MD, Director of Cardiac Surgery is world-famed for his work in cardiothoracic surgery. A graduate of the Moscow School of Medicine, he did a two-year clinical fellowship at the Mayo Clinic, where he performed hundreds of complex heart surgeries. In addition to his clinical experience, Dr. Sternik has also conducted various research studies in the field of cardiac surgery, and he is an editor of the prestigious Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.

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Real Rehabilitation Follows Cardiac Surgery in Israel

The success of cardiac surgery in Israel doesn’t end when the patient exits the operating room. Effective rehabilitation is necessary to strengthen the heart. At Sheba, the team of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Department strives to optimize each individual’s quality of life, restoring each patient to their previous active lifestyle as soon as possible. To promote this goal, the on-site Hotel Shilev also offers comfortable accommodations for cardiac patients and their families.

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