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FAQ: How do I know that you are official representatives of Sheba?

Several agencies or companies that pretend to represent Sheba Medical Center are out there, so we understand your concern about verifying that you are indeed corresponding with Sheba hospital! In order to confirm that you are communicating with the authentic Global Patient Services of Sheba Medical Center, look closely at our official contact information.

Our Contact Info
Email: [email protected]
Phone: %252B972-77-997-2480 / +972-77-997-2480

You will see that our email address uses a case-insensitive government domain (@sheba.health.gov.il), which belongs to the Israeli Ministry of Health and points to our legitimacy. You can also call the phone number that we list, and you will find that your call is answered by the reception desk of Global Patient Services at Sheba Medical Center.

In addition, you can verify that we are official representatives by visiting the English website of Sheba Medical Center  – https://eng.sheba.co.il/international_patients. There, you will see detailed information about our services, and links are also listed there to reach the corresponding English and Russian websites.

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