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Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis and Treatment at Sheba Medical Center’s Hemato-Oncology Division

Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis and Treatment

Multiple myeloma is a rare blood cancer that causes plasma cells in the bone marrow to multiply quickly, often damaging organs and bone tissue. There is currently no cure for multiple myeloma, but early diagnosis and treatment can improve the survival rate. Sheba, Israel’s leading medical research center, offers top-notch multiple myeloma diagnostics and innovative therapies.

Multiple Myeloma

Symptoms and Risk Factors

Many patients do not experience symptoms of multiple myeloma when the cancer is in its early stages, and most seek diagnosis and medical treatment only after experiencing pain, fatigue, nausea, numbness, or anemia. These symptoms are a result of the excess plasma cells spreading beyond the bone marrow, where the cancer originates, and causing protein buildup in bones and other organs. Multiple myeloma occurs mainly among people over age 65 and is over twice as common among people of African descent. Additionally, researchers have found a correlation between obesity, family history, preexisting plasma cell diseases, and a diagnosis of multiple myeloma.

Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis

Diagnosis for multiple myeloma begins with blood tests to screen for the cancer’s presence. If cancer is detected, doctors will refer the patient for further testing to determine the exact locations and extent to which the cancer has spread. The testing process often combines imaging, physical examination, and a biopsy, but may differ from patient to patient. At Sheba’s Hemato-Oncology Department, which specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of blood cancers such as multiple myeloma, all of the diagnostic testing is available onsite, streamlining the process so that treatment can begin as soon as possible.

Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis and Treatment at Sheba Medical Center

Treating Multiple Myeloma

Multiple myeloma is categorized as an incurable cancer, although the general 5-year survival rate is relatively high at around 55%. When formulating a treatment plan for multiple myeloma, oncologists will consider the precise diagnosis as well as the patient’s general health and quality of life. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are often used to treat the malignancy, but leading medical centers also offer more advanced treatments, including bone marrow transplants and CAR T-cell therapy.

Specialized Multiple Myeloma Treatment at Sheba

Headed by the world-renowned Prof. Arnon Nagler, the Hemato-Oncology Division at Sheba Medical Center specializes in the treatment of blood cancers. Among other advanced treatments, Sheba offers CAR T-cell therapy – being one of the first facilities in the world to treat multiple myeloma with the innovative procedure. This therapy, which often succeeds when other treatments have failed, involves the re-engineering of the patient's immune cells so that they attack and destroy cancerous cells. In other hospitals, the cells are sent abroad to external labs, which prolongs the process, potentially damaging the cells and reducing the therapy’s overall effectiveness. Under Prof. Nagler’s leadership, the Hemato-Oncology Division engineers the CAR T-cells onsite, and the entire procedure takes just ten days.

Similarly, Sheba’s Bone Marrow Transplant Department is a recognized authority in its field, with patients coming from all over the world to undergo treatment at Sheba, where our team uses innovative techniques and technologies, such as quantitative PCR, cytogenetic profiles, bone marrow biopsies, and FISH. In the event that no donor match can be found, Sheba has access to cells from the National Marrow Donor Program as a member.

Whatever course your multiple myeloma diagnosis and treatment takes, it is vital to choose a medical center expert who will prioritize your overall well being, leading to the best possible outcome.

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