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Lung Cancer Treatment in Israel

5 Reasons to Choose Lung Cancer Treatment in Israel

The prevalence of lung cancer worldwide is extraordinarily high. In fact, it is the cancer that leads to the highest fatality rate in men and the third highest rate of death in women. As many people are aware, the biggest risk factor for lung cancer is tobacco use, generally cigarette smoking. In fact, smoking is associated with 75 – 90% of all cases of lung cancer.

Everyone who puts a cigarette in their mouth is at risk of lung cancer. However, a person’s individual smoking history, particularly the quantity and length of time that one has smoked, is linked strongly to their chances of developing lung cancer. In addition, even if your lips never touched a cigarette but you spent time near a smoker, inhaling second-hand smoke also raises your risks of developing this devastating disease. While quitting smoking reduces your odds of lung cancer substantially, it does not bring them back to the level of lifelong nonsmokers.

lung cancer treatment in Israel

A Review of Lung Cancer Treatment Options in Israel

Surgical Removal:

Surgery is typically the first step in treating lung cancer, especially when it is diagnosed early. The type of surgery performed depends upon the size of the cancer, the type of lung cancer, the position of the cancer in the lung, and whether or not the cancer is spread. Skilled lung surgeons in Israel will use the latest specialized technologies and techniques.

Drug Therapy

After surgical removal of lung cancer, medical specialists must determine which specific drugs to give each individual patient. In order to decide which drug is most suitable, the physicians assess the outcome of genetic surveys done on the patient’s cancer. These surveys evaluate the specific type of genetic mutations that are present.

Radiation Therapy

When cancer is already spreading throughout the rest of the body, radiation therapy is typically administered.

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5 Reasons to Choose Sheba Medical Center for Lung Cancer Treatment in Israel

  • The Lung Cancer Laboratory at Sheba is actively engaged in cutting-edge research for the prevention and treatment of lung cancer, so you benefit from the newest available therapies.
  • Our staff includes many of the leading lung cancer specialists from Israel and around the globe
  • Collaboration from highly qualified physicians, including pathologists, pulmonologists, medical oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, and researchers
  • Sheba is fully accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), and all medical therapies are given in adherence to the highest standards of safety and care
  • Our Global Patient Services will provide support and assistance prior to hospitalization, including help with arranging travel and accommodations, and throughout the entire time at Sheba.

The Future of Lung Cancer Treatment at Sheba

The scientists at Sheba’s Lung Cancer Laboratory are working actively on a number of new prevention and treatment options for lung cancer. We are currently performing intricate, advanced research into biomolecular markers for lung cancer. Working in conjunction with Johns Hopkins University in the United States, Sheba is investigating genetic and epigenetic changes in lung cancer, as well as exploring adenocarcinomas of the lung and the associated malignant pleural effusions. Results are promising, and we are excited by the opportunity to apply our findings to the development of new and effective lung cancer treatments.

Personalized Holistic Care at Sheba

When our Sheba team designs a treatment plan, we take the time to customize it to meet the unique needs of each patient. We consider the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual side of every individual, focusing on ways to improve quality of life when coping with lung cancer. Our lung cancer treatment in Israel focuses on your overall well-being and on the whole person.

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