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Medical Treatment in Israel

4 Reasons to Travel to Israel for Medical Treatment

About 1 million Americans traveled to foreign nations for medical care last year alone. Why should you consider Israel as a medical tourism destination?

More and more Americans are seeking medical treatment abroad. In fact, about 1 million people from the US traveled to foreign nations for medical care last year alone.

There are several reasons behind this. The primary one is often cost. Healthcare costs in the US have been out of control for years and there’s no end in sight. Nations overseas often offer much more affordable care and, if you choose carefully, you don’t have to sacrifice quality and safety for price.

Another factor is access to new and advanced treatments. While the US remains at the forefront of medical research, other nations are neck and neck with America in medical advancements. These other countries often don’t have the same burdensome restrictions on new techniques and therapies, making them a good choice for patients with advanced disease.

Car T leukemia therapy treatment in Israel and Cervical Cancer Treatment in Israel

Which Nation has it all?

So which nation has it all – low costs, high quality of medicine, and new therapies and trials? Israel.

In Israel you’ll find:

  • Affordable costs paired with top quality.
  • Highly trained physicians and surgeons.
  • Partnerships with respected American medical institutions.

Other Reasons to Choose Israel

You need to find the right balance of cost and quality care when you travel abroad for medical treatment. This eliminates impoverished nations like Cuba and Mexico. Sure, the price of healthcare there might be extremely low, but you risk complications such as infections from inadequate training or outdated equipment.

Not only is Israel a very advanced nation, but it shares an excellent relationship with the US. In fact, the US and Israel have been close partners since the founding of the modern Israeli state in 1948. This fact means that Americans typically enjoy an easy visa process, which can even be facilitated by your destination hospital.

Another advantage of Israel is the rigorous medical standards. Israeli doctors undergo just as much education and training as American physicians and sometimes even more. Furthermore, Israeli doctors often train in the US, completing residencies and fellowships at prestigious American medical institutions.

Language is also a bonus. Yes, Hebrew is the official language of Israel, but many Israeli healthcare providers speak fluent English. In any case, there’s no need to worry since Israeli hospitals often provide interpreters to their patients from abroad.

Where to Go for Medical Treatment in Israel?

Now that you’ve heard some of the many reasons why Israel is an outstanding healthcare destination, you may be wondering where exactly to seek care in Israel.

We suggest Sheba Medical Center. This institution is not only the largest and most comprehensive in Israel but the entire region as well.

Sheba’s goal is to provide every patient with “world class medicine with a personal touch.” They adhere to this goal by offering care in every specialty imaginable along with caring, empathetic service.

At Sheba, you’ll find incredibly advanced medicine, the latest clinical trials, but also staff who truly care about the wellbeing and happiness of their patients. Other benefits that Sheba offers include:

So whether you need orthopedic surgery, a heart procedure, fertility treatment, or cancer therapy – top care awaits in Israel and at Sheba Medical Center. Sheba is accepting appointments for free consultations now.

sheba hospital is a highly advanced Medical center in Israel and is ranked best among hospitals in Israel

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