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Ron Pery M.D. - Sheba Medical Center

Ron Pery | M.D.

  • Hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) Surgery Unit
  • General and hepatobiliary surgery
  • Hebrew
  • English
  • German


A specialist in general and hepatobiliary surgery (liver, pancreas, and biliary tract surgeries), Dr. Ron Pery is highly experienced in treating a variety of malignant and benign diseases of the liver, pancreas, and biliary tract, including pancreatic cancer, pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors, cystic pancreatic tumors, IPMN type cyst, inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis), primary liver tumors, liver metastases, benign diseases of the liver (adenoma, cyst, hemangioma), bile duct cancer, gallstone diseases, and retroperitoneal sarcoma.


  • Attending Physician, Hepatobiliary Surgery Unit, Sheba Medical Center
  • Co-founder, The Society of Israeli General Surgery Residents
  • Member, The Israeli Society for Oncological Surgery
  • Member, The Israeli Society for Hepatobiliary Surgery
  • Member, American Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association (AHPBA)

Education and Training

  • 2020-2022 Fellowship in Hepatobiliary Surgery, Mayo Clinic Medical Center, Minnesota, USA
  • 2013-2019 General Surgery Residency at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer
  • 2005-2012 M.D., Tel Aviv University

Board Certifications

  • General Surgery
  • Hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) Surgery Fellowship, Mayo Clinic, USA


Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Resection for Cholangiocarcinoma in Patients with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis.

Pery, R., Smoot, RL., Thiels, CA., Cleary, SP., Vierkant, RA., Ilyas, SI., Gores, GJ., Nagorney, DM.

Safety and Outcomes of Combined Pancreatic and Hepatic Resections for Metastatic Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors.

Gudmundsdottir, H., Pery, R., Graham, RP., Thiels, CA., Warner, SG., Smoot, RL., Truty, MJ., Kendrick, ML., Halfdanarson, TR., Habermann, EB., Nagorney, DM., Cleary, SP.

Extracellular Vesicular Transmission of miR-423-5p from HepG2 Cells Inhibits the Differentiation of Hepatic Stellate Cells.

Safran, M., Masoud, R., Sultan, M., Tachlytski, I., Chai Gadot, C., Pery, R., Balint-Lahat, N., Pappo, O., Buzaglo, N., Ben-Ari, Z.

Hepatocellular Carcinoma as Predominant Cancer Subgroup Accounting for Sex Differences in Post-hepatectomy Liver Failure, Morbidity and Mortality

De la Cruz Ku, G., Aizpuru, M., Hackl, H., Ubl, DS., Habermann, EB., Pery, R., Driedger, M., Assinger, A., Nagorney, DM., Cleary, SP., Smoot, RL., Starlinger, P.

The impact of establishing a dedicated liver surgery program at a university-affiliated Hospital on workforce, workload, surgical outcomes, and trainee surgical autonomy and academic output.

Azoulay, D., Eshkenazy, R., Pery, R., Cordoba, M., Haviv, Y., Inbar, Y., Zisman, E., Lahat, E., Salloum, C., Lim, C.

Damage control as a salvage procedure during emergency pancreaticoduodenectomy combined with reconstruction of superior mesenteric vessels for uncontrollable bleeding from a duodenal tumor: A case report.

Eshkenazy, R., Pery, R., Zisman, E., Lahat, E., Haviv, Y., Avital, D., Azoulay, D.

Laparoscopic Subtotal Cholecystectomy for the Difficult Gallbladder: A Safe Alternative.

Shwaartz, C., Pery, R., Gutman, M., Rosin, D.

Laparoscopic Fixation for Torsion of Transplanted Kidney: A Case Report.

Pery, R., Shaharabani, E., Gazer, B., Gutman, M., Rosin, D.

Surgical treatment of cecal volvulus.

Horesh, N., Nadler, R., Pery, R., Gravetz, A., Amitai, MM., Rosin, D.

Colonoscopy after the first episode of acute diverticulitis: challenging management paradigms.

Horesh N., Saeed Y., Horesh H., Berger Y., Speter C., Pery R., Rosin D., Gutman M., Zmora O.

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