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Breast Cancer Research in Israel: The Best the World Has to Offer

Innovative Breast Cancer Research in Israel Enables Top-Notch Treatment

Lead: Choosing the right place for breast cancer treatment can be an anxiety-inducing and confusing process. Quality of care, cost of treatment, and cordial caregivers – all play a role in the decision. Israel has come to attract a high volume of international breast cancer patients thanks to its combination of experienced staff, high caliber research, diagnosis and treatment, and affordable care.

Breast Cancer Research in Israel: The Best the World Has to Offer

After ​​Lyudmila learned that a tumor was found in her left breast, she prepared for the worst. Following a comprehensive examination at Sheba Medical Center, Lyudmila was administered a tailored treatment course of chemotherapy, and within six months the size of the tumor halved, which rendered it small enough to be surgically removed without requiring a complete mastectomy. Several years after undergoing surgery, Lyudmila continues to come in for regular examinations, and the results remain favorable. “The care that I received at Sheba Medical Center was exceptional,” says Lyudmila.

Breast cancer is the world’s most prevalent cancer. However, thanks to medical advances in recent years, treatment can be very effective, particularly when the tumor is diagnosed early. Breast cancer is typically diagnosed using mammograms, MRIs, or different kinds of biopsies, and treatment often consists of surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hormone therapy, which prevents cancer cells from getting the hormones they need to grow, or biological therapy, which boosts the immune system to help it fight cancer.

In Israel, the high standard of breast cancer research has made the country a destination for medical tourists like Lyudmila. With over 4,000 breast cancer patients every year, Sheba Medical Center is Israel’s leading breast cancer research and treatment hub. Stories such as Lyudmila’s are made possible thanks to the center’s combination of affordable care and medical expertise, with a cutting-edge, holistic approach to breast cancer treatment. Here are four reasons to choose Sheba Medical Center for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer:

examination for metastatic breast cancer

​​Top-Tier Diagnostic Methods

Building on the high quality of breast cancer research in Israel, we use the latest technologies to detect the malignancy. These include digital mammography and 3D breast ultrasound, which offer a more accurate diagnosis for young women and patients with dense breast tissue. We also provide 3D metabolic imaging and risk assessment (MIRA), which is a technology that involves novel optical imaging to detect metabolic activity in the breast and can offer a highly effective alternative when mammograms are not accurate.

Innovative Treatments

Advanced breast cancer research in Israel also makes it possible for Sheba to offer advanced treatments available in only a few other medical institutions around the world, including focused ultrasound, a non-invasive method of destroying cancer cells with ultrasound waves that carry no risk of infection, no need for surgical intervention, and spare healthy tissue. We also provide the latest surgical treatments available, including skin-sparing mastectomies and lymph node biopsies that leave as many lymph nodes intact as possible.

​​Comprehensive Care by the Best Doctors

At Sheba, treatment is guided by our holistic approach, as in each individual case our medical oncologists, surgeons, and radiation oncologists work together to develop a tailored treatment plan. Moreover, Sheba’s multidisciplinary team offers physical, social, and psychological care, reflecting our commitment to providing world-class treatment with a personal touch.
Our team includes top breast cancer surgeons and internationally renowned, accomplished researchers with years of experience and a remarkable track record of scientific publications.

​​Affordable Treatment

While the treatment at Sheba is cutting-edge and comprehensive, its cost is fair and affordable. The price of cancer treatment in Israel is, on average, 30-80% lower than in the United States, providing yet another incentive for medical tourists.

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