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What’s New with Advanced Sarcoma Treatment in Israel?

Advanced Sarcoma Treatment

Sarcomas are very rare, making up only about 1% of the total amount of malignant diseases. Also, sarcomas can afflict patients of all ages, including young children. That’s why it is so critical to choose a medical center staffed with top tier cancer specialists and medical experts with experience in a wide range of disciplines. Sarcoma treatment in Israel offers leading-edge therapies for all types of sarcoma, such as granulocytic sarcoma treatment, oral Kaposi sarcoma treatment, metastases in the bones and spine, and other orthopedic pathologies.

Advanced Sarcoma Treatment in Israel

Sarcoma Treatment in Israel – Targeting More Than 70 Subtypes of Sarcoma

Sarcoma afflicts connective tissues, and there are two main types of this disease: soft tissue cancers and bone cancers, as well as over 70 subtypes of sarcoma – all named after the area of the body they affect. After a diagnosis of sarcoma, doctors at Sheba Medical Center in Israel will stage the cancer to determine if it has spread, and how far. Accurate staging is essential, as it allows cancer specialists to custom design the most effective treatment program for each patient.

Soft Tissue Sarcoma Treatment Options

The frontline treatment for soft tissue sarcoma is typically surgery, which requires experienced, skilled surgeons. At Sheba Medical Center in Israel, the surgeons have trained at specialized cancer centers worldwide, giving them extensive experience in advanced surgical techniques.

Soft tissue sarcoma treatment options depend on the type, size and location of the tumor. In addition to surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and targeted drug treatment may be administered.

Breakthrough Metastatic Sarcoma Treatment in Israel

At Sheba’s Department of Sarcomas and Bone Tumors, physicians are involved in many exciting studies to treat sarcoma at the metastatic stage. Antiangiogenesis is one such treatment, which inhibits the development of blood vessels that fuel metastasis. Considered safe, antiangiogenesis is a cocktail of drugs given orally at home. A significant percentage (about 15%) of patients who take these drugs show a notable reduction in the size of metastases.

Complex Treatments for Sarcoma in Children

Osteosarcoma is the most common form of bone cancer in kids and young adults. It usually appears during adolescence, when bones grow rapidly. While osteosarcoma is the most common type of bone cancer in children, overall it is still relatively uncommon – and treatment can be complicated. In Israel, multidisciplinary doctors perform comprehensive diagnostic evaluations in order to custom tailor the most effective, progressive therapies for each child. All treatment programs are based on a holistic approach that pays attention to the child’s comfort, emotional, social and nutritional needs – alongside fighting the cancer.

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