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How We Were Finally Able to Become Parents

We Finally Have Become Parents
By Oksana With a full heart, I recommend Sheba Medical Center, where your most cherished dreams can come true

When we got married twelve and half years ago, my husband and I had dreams of a large, happy family filled with the sound of children’s laughter. But nature and destiny decided otherwise, and despite all our desires, tears and prayers, we had yet to become parents.

We visited local doctors at both public and private medical clinics in our native country but saw no results. The doctors couldn’t even figure out the exact diagnosis behind why we weren’t able to conceive. Once all medical attempts and testing were exhausted, we were informed that treatment was not an option. Adoption was recommended as our only choice.

At that point, my husband and I spiraled into deep depression. But an inexplicable sense of hope and desire pulled us out of this dark place, and we independently decided to try IVF. However, we knew that the doctors in our country couldn’t help us reach our goal, because they weren’t even able to explain the reason behind our failure to have a child.

Friends raved about Israeli medicine, and on the basis of their positive reviews, we knew precisely where we had to go. After reading many reviews and researching various clinics in Israel, our intuition guided us to Sheba Medical Center. We were not disappointed!

Life became exciting, and we were full of expectations. We contacted Sheba Medical Center, prepared all the necessary medical documents, departed our home country, and arrived in Israel, where we were welcomed warmly into what is now our favorite country.

Our wonderful medical coordinator, Vera Gerov, met us at the hospital. As a specialist in the fertility field and a native speaker of our language, she helped us with all translations and communication with the Sheba medical staff. She arranged for our testing, set our appointments, and organized everything we needed. We thank her immensely!

The doctor collected a full account of our medical history, and the date of our IVF procedure was set. We felt that happiness was finally within reach.

Unfortunately, the first attempt was unsuccessful; the embryos failed to implant into the uterus. Then, the second and third cycles also failed. Despite our disappointment, my husband and I were fully committed to this plan. We were persistent and refused to give up.

We took a one-year break to let my body rest and gain strength. My husband worked hard to finance the next trip, and in March 2015, we were thrilled to be back in Israel! Another trip to our favorite country. This time, I focused my energies on enjoying Tel Aviv, the promenade, Jaffa and the whole flavor of life in Israel. I relaxed and didn’t obsess over the purpose of my trip.

The date of the procedure finally arrived. Dr. Shir Dar arrived to meet us and discuss the upcoming procedures and plans. His words, translated by Vera, inspired new hope and confidence that this time would be successful. And thank God, it worked!

Back at home, I took a pregnancy test, and we were speechless upon seeing the positive result. There was no limit to our joy!

The pregnancy was calm, with no unusual difficulties or abnormalities. I underwent a planned C-section and reached the moment for which we had waited so long – we heard the first cries of our twins as they entered the world! We were blessed to welcome a healthy son and daughter.

It was a difficult journey, but we thank God for everything… for all the hardships we had to endure, and for all the people sent by fate who helped us overcome our difficulties and find happiness.

Thank you very much to the doctors at Sheba Medical Center and the staff of Global Patient Services for their professionalism and responsibility in their work – and for the loud, happy children’s laughter that now resounds through our home!

We Finally Have Become Parents
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