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The Advanced Biotherapy Center (ABC)

The Advanced Biotherapy Center (ABC)

The immune system is the body’s defense mechanism: when it detects a threat, it initiates protective measures. However, while it should also recognize cancer cells as a threat and respond accordingly, in certain situations it does not, as cancer cells can often conceal themselves from immune system cells and disable or inhibit immune cells from responding. Biotherapy, sometimes called immunotherapy, involves helping the immune system deal with threats of this nature.

Biotherapeutic medicines are derived from biological agents such as proteins and other substances produced by living organisms, such as mammalian cells and bacteria, which are used to stimulate an immune response.

Manufacturing biotherapeutics is an intricate process, as they are complex, large compounds that can be sensitive to environmental conditions. Moreover, they require sophisticated production and control processes and depend upon the host cells of living organisms to produce the necessary active substances.

The immense complexity of this process requires precision, conformance to good manufacturing practices, and precise specifications to maintain product safety and efficacy over time.

The Advanced Biotherapy Center (ABC) at Sheba was established to promote and support the development of innovative biotherapy technologies, as well as facilitate regulatory and medical approval processes. It serves as the largest, most sophisticated biotherapy facility in Israel.

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The Advanced Biotherapy Center (ABC)

One Step Ahead: The ABC

At Sheba, we recognize that cell therapy, gene therapy, tissue engineering, and other advanced innovative biological therapies are the future and hold tremendous promise for the treatment of varied and, as yet, untreated diseases. Sheba has treated hundreds of patients with advanced cell therapeutics that are prepared in-house end-to-end. These include CAR T-cell therapy, tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) therapy, diverse undifferentiated cell treatments, and more.

The new Advanced Biotherapy Center (ABC), an 800-square-meter facility dedicated to developing breakthrough medical products along with advanced cellular and genetic therapies, ensures that Sheba Medical Center will continue expanding its contributions to healthcare for decades to come.

Departments and divisions

The ABC functions as an incubator for the research and production of advanced medical products in accordance with GMP requirements. This one-of-a-kind, comprehensive center is the ideal platform for developing the next generation of individualized, tailored medical therapeutics.

The Suites:

The center comprises four class B manufacturing suites, a GMP viral vector facility, research laboratories, and support rooms.

Each suite includes two biosafety cabinets (Class II BSC), a refrigerated centrifuge, advanced microscopic equipment, and two CO2 incubators.
In addition, our experts have access to:

– A 2-8o Celsius refrigerator
– A -15 to -25o Celsius freezer
– A -70 to -80o Celsius deep freezer
– A liquid nitrogen container

All facilities in the center are closely monitored and maintained 24/7 in order to ensure compliance with strict safety requirements.

A unique logistics unit oversees the center’s operation, maintenance, disinfection, environmental and biological monitoring, safety, and personal protection management.

ABC Projects

At the ABC center, we create breakthrough technological solutions. Under one roof, we have the tools and capabilities to take an advanced cutting-edge biotech idea from concept, through research, to actionable treatment.


As part of the Green Project, innovative cultured epidermal autografts (Epicel), made from the patient’s own skin, are grown to provide a permanent skin replacement for patients with deep dermal or full-thickness burns.

Lonza Cocoon

An automatic bioreactor platform for reprogramming a patient’s own white blood cells to destroy cancer cells as part of the CAR T-cell therapy technique.

Viral Vector Production Facility

A unique facility dedicated to manufacturing viral vectors designed for genetic engineering tailored to individual patients.

ABC Projects

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