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The Neuro-Oncology Rehabilitation Day Hospital

The Neuro-Oncology Rehabilitation Day Hospital

The Neuro-Oncology Rehabilitation Day Hospital is a recent addition to Sheba Medical Center, providing integrative care for people who have survived cancer that affected the nervous system. Every patient is treated with a personalized program that aims to build physical strength and endurance. A range of healthcare experts, including neuropsychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and a rehabilitation nurse collaborate to optimize quality of life and independence for each individual.

At this specialized division of Sheba’s Rehabilitation Hospital, our team works to restore and improve patients’ physical and psychological skills so they can function as normally as possible in social, family, and occupational roles.

Neuro-Oncology Rehabilitation

What rehabilitation issues do we treat?

Neurological cancers and/or different types of cancer treatments can have detrimental effects on the nervous system. Consequently, patients are usually challenged by an inability to immediately resume normal life activities after their cancer therapy. At the Neuro-Oncology Rehabilitation Day Hospital, we assess and treat the effects of neurological cancer and the associated cancer therapies.

For example, our team can help with the following rehabilitation issues:

  • Cognitive issues, including memory and attention deficits
  • Muscle weakness, muscle tone and control
  • Sensory difficulties and pain
  • Communication and language difficulties
  • Daily functional challenges, such as walking, dressing, and hygiene
  • Behavioral and psychiatric conditions
  • Training for specialized equipment, including walking aids, wheelchairs, and orthotics
  • Continence issues
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Education for caregivers and family members

What types of therapies do we provide?

Neurological cancer is a complex condition that can affect people in many diverse ways. Patients experience many different types and levels of disability, and therefore rehabilitation must be fully individualized and multidisciplinary to be effective.

Upon admission to the treatment program at Sheba’s Neuro-Oncology Rehabilitation Hospital, an interdisciplinary team evaluates each patient’s medical and psychological conditions. The results of this comprehensive assessment are used to customize a rehabilitation plan, which is typically administered over 4-6 weeks of an intensive 5-days-a-week schedule.

Using state-of-the-art rehabilitation technologies, we administer one-on-one treatment sessions. A top physician from the Department of Neurological Rehabilitation at Sheba Medical Center directs each patient’s care, and doctors from neuro-oncology and neuro-radio-oncology are constantly involved. Additionally, skilled specialists in neurosurgery, pain management, and wound management are always available for consultation.

The main components of our rehabilitation programs include:

Physical Therapy

To help maximize each patient’s potential, by working on balance, strength, endurance, mobility, and pain managemen

Occupational Therapy

Addressing sensory, motor, perceptual, and cognitive deficits to promote day-to-day independence and safety

Speech-Language Pathology

Assists with difficulties in communication, voice, and swallowing

Social Work

Provides overall support for patients

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Meet the Director

Gabriel Zeilig
Prof. Gabriel Zeilig, MD
Director of the Department of Neurological Rehabilitation
Prof. Zeilig specializes in the rehabilitation of people with neurological conditions, such as brain cancer, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, stroke, and multiple sclerosis. He has a particular interest in the implementation of new technologies for enhancing CNS plasticity and functioning for people who suffer from neurological disorders. Prof. Zeilig has presented at many global medical conferences and published extensively in prestigious international journals. Prof. Zeilig received his medical degree from Milano University, Italy, and he was certified as a specialist in physical medicine & rehabilitation in 1990, at Tel Aviv University, Israel. He completed a fellowship in critical care neurotrauma and neurorehabilitation at the University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, USA.
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