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Chronic Pain and Back Pain Treatment

Chronic And Back Pain Treatment

Whether due to disease or injury, chronic pain can have a severely negative impact on an individual’s life. Long-term pain may reduce quality of life, lead to depression, and keep one from working or spending time with family and friends. Chronic pain is also a common health problem, with an estimated 100 million Americans reporting chronic pain, nearly one-third of the population.

Back pain is one of the most frequent complaints of chronic pain sufferers. About 30 million people in the United States have chronic back pain, and it is the leading cause of disability in the US. Unfortunately, back pain is also one of the types of pain most resistant to treatment.

However, the Pain Rehabilitation Unit at Sheba Medical Center’s Rehabilitation Campus was designed to address chronic pain complaints and provide effective treatment for even reticent pain. Patients that have already undergone primary and secondary treatment for their pain yet still have pain complaints may receive many benefits from treatment at our Pain Rehabilitation Unit. This patient group represents 20 to 30 percent of all pain patients and is composed of the most difficult cases.

Our tertiary pain center is staffed with expert pain physicians, certified in multiple countries. The program begins with a thorough assessment that includes looking for signs of deconditioning as well a psychological examination. Counseling for depression and substance abuse is provided if needed. Patients also speak with a pain psychologist to evaluate for psychological components to their pain.

The entire approach is holistic and involves multiple specialties, including complementary and alternative medical specialties. Patients benefit from treatments like art therapy and yoga. The program also includes careful physical therapy, exercise therapy, and gentle hydrotherapy in pools. Some patients will also be candidates for nerve root injections performed under fluoroscopic guidance, which can help relieve pain in many areas but especially the back and legs.

Sheba’s Pain Rehabilitation Center is often the last possibility for a patient to avoid major disability or invasive surgery. Our multimodal and integrative approach to treating chronic pain is a personalized program and one way in which we provide world-class medicine with a personal touch.

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Special Technologies

Our Rehabilitation Hospital at Sheba is proud to keep pace with the rapid advances of medicine. We were the first facility to establish respiratory rehabilitation for patients with cervical spine injuries and neck injuries. Since 2016, Sheba has also operated a technological incubator, which enables us to receive support for many advanced and worthwhile initiatives in medicine. We perform intricate surgeries on a superior level to other hospitals around the world, and our physicians are constantly involved in research and developments to optimize treatments for patients with chronic pain.

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