TIL Immunotherapy Treatment for Ovarian Cancer in Israel

TIL Immunotherapy treatment is an innovative treatment for patients with ovarian cancer that has not responded sufficiently to conventional therapies. TIL (Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes) treatment has already demonstrated encouraging results as an effective therapy for melanoma. In January 2018, Sheba Medical Center opened clinical trials that implement TIL as a way to treat ovarian cancer, and we are currently the only hospital worldwide to offer this revolutionary therapy – still in active research.

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What is TIL Immunotherapy?

TIL Immunotherapy uses your own cells by reprogramming them to attack your cancer cells. Doctors surgically extract specific cells, called tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes, from your cancerous tumor and isolate them in a specialized laboratory. These cells are then genetically engineered to target and attack your cancer cells before they are injected back into your body.

TIL is on the cutting-edge of cancer treatments around the world. At present, it is only available by a few medical institutions as a progressive and highly effective therapy for melanoma. Sheba Medical Center is the only hospital to offer TIL to patients with recalcitrant ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is often resistant to treatment, and our advanced TIL treatment brings new hope.



On the Frontline
we have been actively engaged with TIL research since the first international trials began, collaborating closely with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States. We are currently the only institution to offer TIL Immunotherapy for ovarian cancer.
Experienced Medical Experts
our staff features many of the world’s leading, highly experienced TIL specialists
Top-Notch Facility
you will receive treatment at the Ella Lemelbaum Institute for Immuno-oncology, a state-of-the-art facility devoted entirely to cancer immunotherapy research and treatment
Internationally Recognized
we have full accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI), the foremost health center accreditation authority
Comprehensive Care
you will have access not only to TIL treatments, but to a broad range of specialized cancer therapies
Supportive Experience
a personal coordinator from our International Medical Tourism Division will assist you throughout your entire time at Sheba, including helping you with travel arrangements, translation, and family accommodations
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Sheba Medical Center sets the standard for excellence in patient-focused care. Recently, Newsweek included Sheba on their prestigious list of the Top Ten Best Hospitals Worldwide. This endorsement recognizes Sheba as a leading force in medical science and biotechnological innovation – maximizing the latest technologies while always providing holistic, outstanding healthcare. Sheba is strongly committed to delivering personalized, expert medicine to everyone from all over the world.

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At Sheba Medical Center, we understand that cancer affects all parts of your life. Using our unique blend of professional expertise, cutting-edge treatments, and compassionate medicine, we use a holistic approach that takes care of your whole being. As you receive TIL therapy, our team also focuses on enhancing your quality of life with cancer complications. You will have access to a range of support services, such as psychology, social services, beneficial complementary medicine, and palliative care.

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