TIL Immunotherapy Treatment for Metastatic Melanoma in Israel

TIL Immunotherapy treatment is an innovative and highly effective treatment in patients with advanced stage of metastatic melanoma that have had little or no benefit from conventional therapies. About 50% of these patients show improvement with TIL and approximately 25% of patients are cured of their melanoma.

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    TIL Immunotherapy at The Sheba Medical Center

    “Usually, within 4 weeks, we see the beginning of the clinical results. In the CT scans, you see the metastasis getting smaller and smaller, and some of the metastasis finally disappear. If you achieve complete response, it’s durable, and you actually cure patients with advanced melanoma” – Dr. Jacob Schachter

    What is TIL Immunotherapy?

    TIL Immunotherapy uses your own cells. Specific cells called tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes are removed from your cancer and isolated in a specialized laboratory. The cells are then reprogrammed to attack the cancer and injected back into your body.

    TIL is very effective in patients with advanced metastatic melanoma that have had little or no benefit from conventional therapies. About 50% of these patients show improvement with TIL and approximately 25% of patients are cured of their melanoma.

    However, because TIL is very cutting edge, this therapy has very limited availability. There are only a handful of medical institutions in the world that offer TIL. One of those is on the forefront of TIL research and trials – Sheba Medical Center in Israel.

    Sheba – Ranked in the

    Top Ten Best Hospitals Worldwide

    Sheba Medical Center sets the standard for excellence in patient-focused care. Recently, Newsweek included Sheba on their prestigious list of the Top Ten Best Hospitals Worldwide. This endorsement recognizes Sheba as a leading force in medical science and biotechnological innovation – maximizing the latest technologies while always providing holistic, outstanding healthcare. Sheba is strongly committed to delivering personalized, expert medicine to everyone from all over the world.

    The 10 Best Hospitals in the World

    A New Melanoma Treatment

    These sobering facts bring to light how dangerous – and deadly – a disease melanoma can be. Although melanoma represents only about 1% of all skin cancer cases, it is responsible for the large majority of deaths from skin cancer.

    The scourge of melanoma is growing too. According to the CDC, about 72,000 Americans were diagnosed with melanoma in 2013. In 2017, that number is expected to be approximately 85,000.

    If you’ve been diagnosed with melanoma, even if your melanoma is metastatic or has spread, there is hope. New, advanced treatments make late advanced melanoma survivable.

    One of the most effective and innovative of these new melanoma treatments is tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) immunotherapy.

    Why Choose Sheba for TIL Melanoma Immunotherapy?

    TIL is available in only a very few countries. Sheba Medical Center in Israel is a great choice for your TIL Immunotherapy treatment destination for several reasons:

    • Sheba has been collaborating on TIL research since near the beginning and works hand in hand with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States.
    • Sheba has full accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI), the foremost international health center accreditation authority.
    • Many of the foremost TIL and melanoma specialists are at Sheba. These Israeli physicians are rigorously trained and experienced, and they regularly collaborate with their colleagues worldwide.
    • Sheba is the home of the Ella Lemelbaum Institute for Immuno-oncology, a large facility devoted solely to cancer immunotherapy treatment and research.
    • The Cancer Center at Sheba Medical Center is the premier cancer center in Israel and stands among the top cancer institutions in the world.
    • At Sheba, you’ll have access not only to TIL treatments, but also other specialized melanoma therapies, such as targeted drug treatments. You’ll also enjoy compassionate and fully supportive care.
    • Sheba has a Medical Tourism Department wholly devoted to your care and comfort. They are happy to assist you with travel arrangement, translation, and anything else you need.

    “After three weeks, I went back home and continued working and continued life as usual. Then, a month later, I did the CT again and three days later they called me and said there’s more than a 70% reduction in the tumor.”

    - former Sheba Medical Center metastatic melanoma patient speaking about his experience with TIL therapy.https://

    TIL Costs in Israel

    Being new and difficult to find, TIL Immunotherapy treatment can be extraordinarily expensive in the US. In fact, TIL costs start at around $250,000 in the states and can easily reach $750,000

    You shouldn’t have to face bankruptcy to receive life-saving cancer treatment. Advanced medical care is much more affordable in Israel: complete TIL treatment averages about $180,000. This means that in Israel you receive expert care for a fraction of the cost in the US. Remember, Israeli healthcare is ranked among the top five in the world, while the US healthcare system still lags behind.

    For more information, the healthcare professionals at Sheba Medical Center stand ready to help you.

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