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The 3rd Annual Australia-Israel Innovation Summit

Australia-Israel Innovation Summit
The 2022 event focused on ‘The World in Transition,’ exploring ground-breaking Israeli innovation in critical sectors vital to Australian growth.

In recent months, more than 700 people attended the hybrid 2022 Australia-Israel Innovation Summit to discuss the future of cyber security, digital health, and climate tech.

The event, themed ‘The World In Transition,’ was hosted by the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce (AICC) in partnership with the Embassy of Israel and the Israel Trade Commission. It was set up to introduce new, disruptive thinking from Israel to Australian businesses, governments, academia, entrepreneurs, and investors, as well as foster new ideas and share innovative solutions.

The online part of the summit was officially opened with a video message from Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who encouraged participants to make the most of the opportunity and “build on the already strong connections between our nations. We have so much in common, including a shared appetite for innovation,” PM Albanese said. “It’s a relationship that has huge potential to grow and thrive, especially with the right support in place.”

In his video address, Israeli President, Mr. Isaac Herzog added: “What flows through the national ethos of both Australia and Israel is the spirit of innovation, of thinking outside of the box. It is only natural, therefore, that our brightest minds will find common cause in joining together to tackle the most acute challenges facing humanity.”

The summit was concluded with an Israel innovation showcase in Sydney, headlined by Prof. Eyal Zimlichman, Sheba’s Chief Transformation and Innovation Officer, as well as Director and Founder of ARC Innovation Center. 

Prof. Zimlichman highlighted how advancements in precision medicine, the use of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual patient assessment and treatment, and augmented reality applications are already transforming healthcare. “AI will tremendously improve our decision-making, quality of care, patient safety, and reduce costs – and we have shown that using augmented reality in the surgical room reduces the time required for some surgeries by almost 50 percent,” he said.

“Our view is that hospitals of the future can be reduced in size, but grow in impact… by doing only the most advanced surgeries and intensive care, while mostly managing virtual beds, using technology that can transform a patient’s home into a healthcare environment.”, Prof. Zimlichman concluded. 

Dedicated to providing the best care to patients around the world, Sheba continues to lead the way in healthcare transformation, introducing new, disruptive thinking, and promoting strategic collaborations that make an impact. 

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