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Stage 2 Cervical Cancer Care at Sheba

Stage 2 Cervical Cancer Treatment at Sheba

Cervical cancer is the fourth most common gynecologic cancer among women. It originates in the cervix and patients who undergo treatment during the malignancy’s early stages have a 92% five-year survival rate. When cervical cancer spreads beyond the cervix and uterus, but not to the lymph nodes, vaginal tissue, or pelvic walls, it is classified as stage 2 cancer. Once the cancer has spread, treatment and diagnosis become more complex.

Stage 2 Cervical Cancer treatment options at Sheba Medical Center in Israel, one of the top 10 hospitals in the world.

Cervical Cancer Diagnosis

The diagnostic process for cervical cancer usually begins with an abnormal result on a routine screening test such as a Pap smear or HPV test. The patient will then be referred for further testing via imaging and colposcopy, an in-depth examination of the cervix, vagina and vulva. If an unusual area of cells is detected, a tissue sample will be collected for biopsy analysis.

Staging Cervical Cancer

As part of the diagnosis, oncologists will classify the cancer’s progression into one of five phases. This is a crucial part of forming an effective treatment plan, and is done through the analysis of a biopsy, colposcopy, and other test results. When cervical cancer is determined to be at stage 2, it has progressed beyond the cervix and uterus, but no further. In spite of the cancer’s progress, the likelihood of a successful treatment outcome for stage 2 cervical cancer is still high, with a 60% five-year survival rate. In stages three and four, when the cancer spreads to vaginal tissue and other body organs, the prognosis is less favorable. Thus, it is imperative to reach a prompt diagnosis and begin treatment as soon as possible.

Sheba Medical Center in Israel offers advanced treatments for stage 2 cervical cancer.
Highly skilled physicians at Sheba Medical Center will recommend the best treatment options for stage 2 cervical cancer.

Stage 2 Cervical Cancer Treatment

Once cervical cancer has advanced to stage 2, doctors will use a combination of therapies to halt the cancer’s spread. Treatment options include radiotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and the surgical removal of tumors.

At Sheba, our specialists are highly adept at implementing cutting-edge therapies for cervical cancer which are both highly effective and have minimal side effects. In particular, Sheba’s radiation oncologists are experts in the administration of brachytherapy, a form of advanced internal radiation treatment.

Brachytherapy involves the insertion of a radioactive agent – often in the form of a balloon, wire, or tiny seed – into the body, where it emits radiation in a focused, targeted manner. As opposed to external beam radiation, which is applied to the body externally, brachytherapy directs high-energy rays at cancer cells from within the body, preventing the beams from damaging the surrounding healthy tissue. At Sheba, we have developed and pioneered the MRI-TRUS system, a computerized imaging technology that helps doctors place radiation seeds in the body with maximum precision.

Sheba’s Gynecologic Cancer Center

At Sheba’s Gynecologic Cancer Center, our oncologists have access to both state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and a multidisciplinary team of specialists who work together to tailor a treatment plan built with your overall health and wellbeing in mind. In the case of stage 2 cancer, time is of the essence, and Sheba’s Gynecologic Cancer Center streamlines diagnosis and treatment by carrying out all steps of the process at a single facility.

According to Natalia, Sheba’s Gynecologic Cancer Center saved her life. When her cervical cancer recurred, and after doctors in her home country gave up hope, she sought treatment at Sheba, where doctors took swift action to stop the cancer through lifesaving surgery. “I will be grateful my whole life to the doctors who performed my miracle. They gave me a life,” says Natalia.

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