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Special Summit of the Sheba Staff From Gynecology and Maternity Center

gynecology and maternity center
Here’s a picture you don’t see every day! Medical staff members, past and present, of Sheba’s women’s and maternity hospital congregated for a rare, one-of-a-kind meeting.

Not many people are aware of the immense number of professionals that comprise the staff of the Gynecology and Maternity Center at Sheba. About 120 doctors and 19 professors provide women with healthcare at the peak of professionalism, as well as lead the way in groundbreaking research in the field of women’s medicine.

The number of professors in this hospital division is considered to be the highest among all the divisions at Sheba, and even the highest of all the departments in medical centers across Israel.
Over the past three decades, more than 30 professors have originated from this unit, which is an impressive number in Israel (and the world!). This achievement highlights the extensive experience and clinical excellence of Sheba’s women’s and maternity hospital.

“We have been ranked high by the world’s most prestigious medical magazines, and we are proud to lead the research in various medical fields, with breakthrough treatments in the field of women’s medicine. We believe that every individual and every situation deserves to receive the best professional medical response. That is why we are here,” said Prof. Eyal Sivan, Director of the Josef Buchmann Gynecology and Maternity Center.

Together with the medical staff of the Gynecology and Maternity Center, the entire Sheba team promises to provide women with the most advanced, personalized care. We practice medicine with a personalized and understanding approach – wrapped in an envelope of hope.

gynecology and maternity center
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