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Prof. Anikster Honored by the Israeli Coalition of Rare Diseases

Israeli Coalition of Rare Diseases awarded Prof. Anikster for his research
The award was given in recognition of “dedicating his life to the wellbeing of patients through groundbreaking research.”

Prof. Yair Anikster, Director of the Pediatric Metabolic Disease Unit at the Sheba Safra Children’s Hospital, is a top researcher and physician in his field. In recognition of Prof. Anikster’s work, the Israeli Coalition of Rare Diseases, a nonprofit organization promoting the health of individuals with rare diseases and supporting their families, presented him with a special award.

Articulating the reasons for conferring the distinction during the award ceremony, the Coalition explained, “Prof. Anikster stands at the forefront of groundbreaking, innovative treatments and identified numerous genes and rare diseases associated with them, something reflected in the more than 130 research articles he published in leading scientific journals.”

Prof. Anikster awarded for his groundbreaking research by the Israeli Coalition of Rare Diseases

Grateful for the honor, Prof. Anikster stated: “For me, success is to allow people with rare diseases to live full lives. I am thankful for the privilege to promote research for the benefit of patients, locally and globally.”

Prof. Anikster was nominated as a candidate for the award by his patients, as well as one of his students, Dr. Ben Pode-Shakked, a pediatrician and medical geneticist at Sheba. Dr. Pode-Shakked: “Prof. Anikster’s contribution to the diagnosis and treatment of children and adults suffering from metabolic diseases is immense. Nominating him gave us, his students and patients, the chance to thank him for years of unwavering dedication.”

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