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Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Sheba Featured by Forbes

2020 Forbes
The Forbes 2020 List of Israel’s Top Doctors ranks numerous Sheba gynecologists and obstetricians as leaders in their field.

If you’re debating where to go to give birth or receive gynecological treatment in Israel, the Forbes 2020 list has a clear answer for you – Sheba Medical Center. For the past seven years, Forbes magazine has published their highly respected ranking of the top doctors in Israel. This list is based on a method of peer review, in which dozens of specialist physicians in the country are asked to submit answers to a simple question: Who are the best doctors in your field? To maintain objectivity and avoid immaterial considerations, each physician is instructed to only recommend doctors or subspecialty doctors outside of his or her own specialty.

At Sheba, we are filled with pride over the inclusion of so many of our stellar doctors, particularly obstetricians and gynecologists, on this prestigious list.

In the field of obstetrics and fertility, nine Sheba physicians are on the list, and in the field of gynecology, eight Sheba physicians are on the list – more than any other hospital in the country.

“I am proud that the center’s doctors were also chosen this year as the best doctors in the country,” said Prof. Eyal Sivan, director of the Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology. “We maintain an exceptional level of professionalism.”

Introducing the team of gynecologists, obstetricians and fertility specialists to whom Forbes has awarded the title of “Best Doctors in Israel 2020”:

Best gynecologists:

  1. Dr. Yael Harel
  2. Dr. Yair Frenkel
  3. Prof. Menachem Alkalay
  4. Dr. David Stockheim
  5. Dr. Roy Mashiach
  6. Prof. David Soriano
  7. Prof. Gilad Ben-Baruch
  8. Dr. Yaakov Korach

Obstetrics and Fertility:

  1. Prof. Reuven Ahiron
  2. Prof. Boaz Weiss
  3. Prof. Shaly Mazaki-Tobi
  4. Prof. Eyal Sivan
  5. Prof. Michal Simchen
  6. Prof. Raoul Orvieto
  7. Prof. Yoav Yinon
  8. Prof. Shlomo Lipitz
  9. Dr. Micha Baum
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