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Sheba Opens the Doors to Start-up Innovation in Digital Healthcare

Always at the forefront of innovation, Sheba Medical Center is collaborating with international medical institutions to provide patients with the most advanced technologies. Just as the banking, e-commerce, and media industries have put their main thrust into digital tech and mega databases, Sheba is now revolutionizing how digital health can influence patient care around the world.

“There are a lot of unexploited possibilities in digital technologies, which already exist, but have never really been applied to healthcare. They are used in information telecommunication, banking and other industries, but this can transform healthcare as we know it,” said Dr. Eyal Zimlichman, Deputy Director General, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at Sheba Medical Center.

A focus on digital health is one of the four primary principles behind the ARC (Accelerate Redesign Collaborate) Innovation Center at Sheba. The other three guiding precepts are: an innovation campus that invites start-up companies to open in the hospital’s progressive ecosystem, fostering global partnerships with leading medical facilities, and building an immense complex (22,000-sq.-meter/237,000-sq.ft.). Altogether, these foundations welcome healthcare entrepreneurs to join with Sheba and form the basis for Sheba’s cutting-edge successes.

Sheba also recently established Triventures, its own $45 million venture capital fund providing seed investment for start-ups committed to joining the digital healthcare revolution. Choosing from the top venture deals to emerge out of Silicon Valley and Israel, Triventures will invest in healthcare cyber security, e-commerce in health services, genomics, robotics, wellness, disruptive medical devices and diagnostics. The VC is partnering with many major players in the field, such as Johnson & Johnson, Phillips, and Samsung.

“Our partnership with Sheba is a game-changer as Israel becomes the new global hub for healthcare innovation,” said Michal Geva, founder and partner of Triventures. “Start-ups can now gain access to one of the largest data sets in the world. They will be able to collaborate with hospitals, tier-1 industry leaders, and Triventures’ strategic partners – scaling their businesses with meaningful capital.”

The collaborative potential of Israel’s digital healthcare industry is tremendous. Located in the Start-up Nation, innovation is at Sheba’s doorstep. Dr. Zimlichman explains, “Many of our partners in the US are aching for start-up companies who want to work with them, and we obviously don’t have that problem. We have three to four great start-up companies knocking on our door each week. They need us to help them take their work to the next level.”

Start-ups will be able to rent office space at the ARC Innovation Center, giving them direct and unique access to hospital data and clinical sites. The center will serve as a hub of digital health innovation, with members such as the Ministry of Health, the IDF medical corps, and some HMOs. Within the next seven to 10 years, other satellite buildings are scheduled to open around the complex as part of the hospital’s City of the Future program.

In March, the Israel cabinet approved a national digital health plan. In response, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “We are doing something of historic significance. We are developing the industries of tomorrow, and in effect these are the industries of today. They are based on a combination of three things: very large databases, artificial intelligence and connectivity. This has a greater potential than cyber.”

Additionally, the revolutionary projects developed by Sheba Medical Center, the ARC, and Triventures export Israel’s invaluable intellectual capital, which combats the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

“Of course, everything that strengthens Israel and makes us more central in the world, hurts the BDS movement,” says Dr. Zimlichman. Our value and potential to export innovation to the world is clear. We see international delegations coming to Israel almost every day, we have this reputation and it’s important that people know all the good things coming out of Israel.”