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Sheba, one of Newsweek’s “10 Best Hospitals in the World,” is awarded the prestigious JCI “Gold Standard” international certificate

This past week, the Joint Commission International (JCI) declared that Sheba Medical Center passed its rigorous review with “flying colors.” This accolade follows Newsweek’s recent recognition of Sheba as one of the “10 Best Hospitals in the World.” Altogether, these distinguished awards highlight Sheba’s stance as a leading hospital worldwide.

The illustrious Gold Standard is only presented to healthcare institutions and organizations that meet the supreme international standards set by the JCI – measures that apply to clinical care, training, and processes. The JCI’s methods of evaluation are designed to drive positive change in global healthcare. Their review explores the total effectiveness of patient safety and healthcare quality. During their appraisal of Sheba, every aspect of how the medical center functions were scrutinized against the demanding JCI criteria, which include more than 1170 measurable factors.
The review process took eight days, and a team of JCI surveyors from metro Chicago, IL, investigated all parts of Sheba’s 200-acre campus. They went from building to building to gain a comprehensive perspective on the infrastructure of Sheba’s daily operations. In addition to inspecting Sheba’s facilities, records, and procedures, the surveyors interviewed patients, doctors, nurses, and other medical staff.

The closing ceremony of JCI’s review of Sheba hosted a standing-room-only audience that was proud to hear the words of Diane M. Sanders, RN, MN, Nurse, and JCI’s Chief Surveyor:

“It has been an honor to survey Sheba Medical Center. I must say, this was one of the most rewarding weeks in my entire career. You are never satisfied with just passing. Your compassion for the patients was amazing to experience. You are the spirit of Israel and Sheba embodies the essence of this country. You are most worthy of being ranked by Newsweek magazine as being amongst the Top 10 Hospitals in the World.”

Prof. Yitschak Kreiss, director-general of Sheba Medical Center, receiving JCI Gold Standard

Prof. Yitshak Kreiss, Director General of Sheba Medical Center, gratefully accepted the JCI Gold Standard, which marks the third time that Sheba has received this certificate since 2013. He then expressed Sheba’s firm commitment to maintaining premier standards.

“I am extremely proud of our staff. We not only want to raise the bar for our standards but pursue excellence in everything we do. The JCI shares our values and aspirations to be better. Our patients told the surveyors about their patient experiences, including the staff’s compassion and professionalism. This is the essence of our excellence and the essence of what we call the ‘spirit of Sheba,’” said Prof. Kreiss.

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