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Sheba Medical Center and Tampa General Hospital Partner to Fast-Track Medical Innovation

Sheba Medical Center and Tampa General Hospital
Sheba and Tampa General Hospital are both committed to medical innovation, and agreed to share data, technologies, and expertise.

Sheba Medical Center, one of the top 10 hospitals in the world according to Newsweek magazine, and Tampa General Hospital (TGH), among Florida’s leading medical institutions, have just agreed to partner for the purpose of boosting their shared commitment to fast-tracking medical innovation and developing best practices.

The three-year collaboration agreement, intended to generate groundbreaking developments in healthcare services, education, training, and innovation, is due to focus on

  • Education & Training
  • Innovation
  • Scientific Events
  • Delegation Visits Between Hospitals
  • Bilateral Research

In a joint statement, the two institutions indicated that they share a passion for innovation and leading change in healthcare, and are investing in technologies to improve patient experience and outcomes, while actively embracing the use of artificial intelligence to monitor care and regulate patient flow.

Both Sheba Medical Center and TGH have established innovation hubs to support emerging companies and technologies that can help develop effective solutions for clinical needs. Sheba Medical Center established the ARC Center in 2019, which stands for “Accelerate, Redesign, Collaborate,” to give Israeli healthcare startups the opportunity to collaborate with expert physicians and hospital staff to implement global change in medicine. In 2020, Tampa General founded TGH Innoventures to spur innovation within the institution through the support of early-stage startups.

“We are very excited about the prospect of working directly with Tampa General Hospital, one of America’s foremost academic medical facilities,” said Yoel Hareven, Director of the International Division & Resource Development at Sheba Medical Center. “As hope has no boundaries, we believe that combining our collective medical knowledge and innovative technological know-how will be beneficial to everyone in the metro Tampa region, the state, and internationally.”

Over the next few months, Tampa General Hospital and Sheba Medical Center will work together to identify the best opportunities to turn innovation into real-world applications.

This latest collaboration is by no means the first one between the two institutions, as Tampa General Hospital and Sheba Medical Center first came together in June 2020 to present a COVID-19 webinar, in which they shared experiences and insights. It was this successful event sparked the idea of a bigger partnership between institutions.

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