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Sheba is Proud to Be Chosen as a Center of Excellence in Cardiology

Already ranked #9 on Newsweek’s list of the top 10 hospitals worldwide, Sheba Medical Center is further honored as a center of excellence in the field of cardiology.

Recently, Newsweek magazine awarded Sheba’s Department of Cardiology first place in Israel, as well as placing it prestigiously within the top 50 heart centers in the world for 2020-2021. Sheba – the only medical center in Israel to be listed in the top 50 heart centers – took 44th place. The ranking was determined by the reviews of international cardiologists, based on medical criteria and innovation in the field of cardiac health.

“This is a tremendous achievement for the Department of Cardiology and the Heart Center, which was selected for inclusion in the world ranking,” said Prof. Amit Segev, Director of the Department of Cardiology. “The department is respected and trusted thanks to its multidisciplinary capabilities, excellence in all areas of cardiology, without exception, and thanks to the wonderful staff of the Department of Cardiac Surgery. In fact, the entire lineup is measured by the outstanding people who comprise the staff.”

Prof. Ehud Raanani, Director of the Department of Cardiac and Cardiothoracic Surgery, said, “This is a tremendous achievement for the cardiology and cardiovascular division at Sheba. There is no doubt that a greater vision is being realized, and the seamless medical integration between the different components of our heart center makes it the best in Israel – also recognized as a leader in the world. We are pleased that two other cardiology centers in Israel, Hadassah and Ichilov, were also included in Newsweek’s list of the 200 best heart centers worldwide.”

Department of Cardiology
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