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Sheba Heads the 2020 Forbes List of the Best Doctors in Israel

the best doctors in israel
For the last seven years, Forbes has annually listed the best doctors in Israel based on recommendations from medical professionals from across the country. In 2020, Sheba leads the list once again – with 197 specialist physicians.

Sheba’s distinction of leading the 2020 Forbes List of Best Doctors in Israel takes a place of pride alongside the medical center’s inclusion in Newsweek’s prestigious Top 10 Hospitals in the World, for the second year running.

To reduce the potential for bias when compiling the Forbes list, physicians in Israel were instructed to recommend colleagues from their field, but not from the same subspecialty. Additionally, recommendations provided by a doctor about another doctor who works in a different institution were regarded with greater significance than recommendations provided by a doctor at the same institution.

Deserving special mention at Sheba Medical Center are the outstanding physicians from seven internal medicine departments who are achieving tremendous accomplishments, despite the overwhelming workload caused by the novel coronavirus. Sheba’s infectious disease experts have been working day and night in the war against COVID-19.

In particular, Sheba’s doctors consistently stand out in the fields of pregnancy, childbirth and fertility. Additionally, the hospital’s rehabilitation and psychiatric teams deserve citation for providing top tier care on par with specialized national centers. This year, a long list of exceptional surgeons was also featured; at Sheba, patients are entitled to choose a specific surgeon, free of charge.

The Forbes list features 1,248 physicians from approximately two dozen major hospitals in Israel, and Sheba Medical Center ranks in top place for the highest number of best doctors in more than 40% of specialties. These fields of medicine include:

  • Surgery
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Gynecology
  • Obstetrics and Fertility
  • Rehabilitation
  • Urology
  • Endocrinology – Diabetes
  • Internal Medicine
  • Ophthalmology
  • Psychiatry
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Genetics
  • Rheumatology
  • Children – Intensive Care and Neonatology

Sheba proudly congratulates all of the premier doctors who appear on the list:


  1. Dr. Roni Shapira-Fromer
  2. Prof. Raanan Berger
  3. Dr. Iris Gluck
  4. Dr. Einat Shaham-Shmueli
  5. Prof. Bella Kaufman
  6. Prof. Zvi Symon
  7. Dr. Yair Bar


  1. Dr. Dorit Zilberman
  2. Dr. Noam Kitrey
  3. Dr. Zohar Dotan
  4. Dr. Isaac Kaver
  5. Prof. Yaakov Ramon
  6. Prof. Yoram Mor
  7. Dr. Yoram Vardi
  8. Prof. Gil Raviv
  9. Dr. Nir Kleinmann
  10. Dr. Hari Winkler


  1. Prof. Alexander Blankstein
  2. Dr. Nachshon Shazar
  3. Dr. Amos Schindler
  4. Dr. Yona Yaniv
  5. Dr. Nathan Brook
  6. Dr. Alon Friedlander

Allergy and Immunology:

  1. Prof. Nancy Agmon-Levin
  2. Prof. Raz Somekh

Endocrinology – Diabetes:

  1. Dr. Liana Tripto-Shkolnik
  2. Pr. Ohad Cohen
  3. Prof. Amir Tirosh
  4. Dr. Jacob Ilany
  5. Dr. Iris Vered
  6. Dr. Hofit Cohen
  7. Prof. Orit Pinchas-Hamiel
  8. Prof. Dalit Modan


  1. Dr. Shai Duvdevani
  2. Dr. Yishgav Shapira
  3. Prof. Yoav Talmi
  4. Dr. Eran Alon
  5. Dr. Lev Badrin
  6. Dr. David Rahima


  1. Dr. Hagit Yonat
  2. Prof. Eitan Friedman
  3. Prof. Anik Raz-Rothschild
  4. Prof. Mordechai Shochat


  1. Dr. Yael Harel
  2. Dr. Yair Frenkel
  3. Prof. Menachem Alkalay
  4. Dr. David Stockheim
  5. Dr. Roy Mashiach
  6. Prof. David Soriano
  7. Prof. Gilad Ben-Baruch
  8. Dr. Yaakov Korach


  1. Dr. Maor Lahav
  2. Dr. Alon Lang
  3. Prof. Shomron Ben Horin
  4. Prof. Abraham (Rami) Eliakim


  1. Prof. Dan Justo


  1. Dr. Avraham Avigdor
  2. Dr. Aharon Lubetsky
  3. Prof. Ofira Salomon
  4. Prof. Gili Kenet
  5. Dr. Bella Biluri
  6. Dr. Elad Jacoby
  7. Dr. Michal Yalon-Oren
  8. Dr. Gidi Rechavi
  9. Prof. Amos Toren
  10. Prof. Arnon Nagler
  11. Prof. Avichai Shimoni
  12. Dr. Hila Magen

Anesthesiology + Pain Medicine:

  1. Prof. Haim Berkenstadt
  2. Dr. Itai Gur-Arie
  3. Dr. Sergei Preisman
  4. Dr. Dina Orkin

Pediatric IC and Neonatology:

  1. Prof. Gidi Paret
  2. Dr. Tzipi Strauss
  3. Dr. Marina Rubinstein


  1. Dr. Yoram Klein
  2. Dr. David Hazzan
  3. Dr. Danny Rosin
  4. Dr. Marat Khaikin
  5. Prof. Aviram Nissan
  6. Dr. Yuri Goldes
  7. Prof. Mordechai Gutman
  8. Prof. Eitan Mor
  9. Prof. Moshe Shabtai

Vascular Surgery:

  1. Dr. Moshe Halak

Cardiothoracic Surgery:

  1. Prof. Jacob Lavee
  2. Dr. David Mishaly
  3. Prof. Alain Serraf
  4. Dr. Boris Orlov
  5. Dr. Leonid Sternik
  6. Prof. Ehud Raanani
  7. Dr. Milton Sauta
  8. Dr. Ran Kramer

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery:

  1. Dr. Ran Yahalom
  2. Dr. Daniela Blinder-Alshkovsky
  3. Dr. Yitzhak Shoshani
  4. Dr. Vasim Aboud

Infectious Diseases:

  1. Prof. Galia Rahav
  2. Prof. Gili Regev-Yohai
  3. Dr. Galia Barkai
  4. Dr. Eyal Meltzer
  5. Prof. Eli Schwartz
  6. Prof. Eyal Leshem

Liver Diseases:

Prof. Ziv Ben-Ari

Obstetrics and Fertility:

  1. Prof. Reuven Ahiron
  2. Prof. Boaz Weiss
  3. Prof. Shaly Mazaki-Tobi
  4. Prof. Eyal Sivan
  5. Prof. Michal Simchen
  6. Prof. Raoul Orvieto
  7. Prof. Yoav Yinon
  8. Prof. Shlomo Lipitz
  9. Dr. Micha Baum


  1. Dr. Zvi Cohen
  2. Dr. Nachshon Knoler
  3. Dr. Roberto Spiegelman


  1. Dr. Amir Dori
  2. Prof. Anat Ahiron
  3. Prof. Sharon Hassin
  4. Prof. Bruria Ben-Ze’ev
  5. Dr. Lidia Gabis
  6. Dr. Ilan Blatt
  7. Dr. Vadim Chelikov
  8. Dr. David Orion


  1. Dr. Dganit Dinur-Atlan
  2. Prof. Eliezer Holtzman


  1. Dr. Sharon Baum
  2. Prof. Aviv Barzilai
  3. Prof. Alon Scoop
  4. Dr. Felix Pavlotsky
  5. Prof. Avner Shemer
  6. Dr. Shoshi Greenberger
  7. Dr. Nir Nathanson
  8. Dr. Michal Salomon


  1. Prof. Guy Ben Simon
  2. Dr. Yosef Globinski
  3. Dr. Victoria Vishnevsky-Dai
  4. Prof. Avraham Spierer
  5. Dr. Ruth Huna-Bar-On
  6. Prof. Irit Bareket
  7. Dr. Amir Al-Halal
  8. Prof. Yosef Moisseiev

Internal Medicine:

  1. Prof. Ehud Grossman
  2. Prof. Ronen Loibstein
  3. Dr. Meir Mualem
  4. Prof. Haim Maayan
  5. Prof. Yehezkel Sidi
  6. Prof. Jonathan Sharabi
  7. Prof. Dror Haratz


  1. Prof. Yosef Zohar
  2. Prof. Doron Gothelf
  3. Dr. Dolly Sobol-Havia
  4. Prof. Daniel Stein
  5. Dr. Nitza Nakash-Axelrod
  6. Dr. Ramit Revona-Springer


  1. Prof. Michael Arad
  2. Prof. Dov Freimark
  3. Prof. Micha Feinberg
  4. Prof. Victor Guetta
  5. Prof. Amit Segev
  6. Dr. Raphael Kuperstein
  7. Dr. Eyal Nof
  8. Dr. Roy Beinart
  9. Dr. Roy Bagel
  10. Dr. Avishai Gruper
  11. Dr. Shlomi Matezky
  12. Dr. Yael Peled


  1. Prof. Meirav Lidar
  2. Prof. Howard Amital
  3. Prof. Pnina Langevich


  1. Dr. Orit Portnoy
  2. Dr. Orly Goytein
  3. Prof. Idit Marom
  4. Prof. Miri Sclair-Levy
  5. Prof. Eli Konen
  6. Prof. Iris Eshed
  7. Prof. Chen Hoffman
  8. Prof. Michal Soudach-Ben-Nun
  9. Dr. Uri Rimon
  10. Dr. Gal Greenberg


  1. Dr. Michael (Mike) Segal
  2. Prof. Uri Efrati
  3. Prof. Yaakov Sivan
  4. Dr. Amir On


  1. Prof. David Goitein
  2. Dr. Gabriella Lieberman-Segal
  3. Prof. Gal Dubnov-Raz

Oral Pathology:

  1. Dr. Noam Yarom
  2. Dr. Shoshana Shapirer


  1. Dr. Daphne Guttman-Fagin
  2. Dr. Janna Landa
  3. Prof. Gabi Zeilig
  4. Dr. Manuel Zwecker
  5. Dr. Ofer Keren
  6. Prof. Israel Dudkievicz
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