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Sheba Celebrates the Scientific Breakthroughs of Its Researchers Over the Last Decade

Sheba Celebrates the Scientific Breakthroughs of Its Researchers Over the Last Decade
The special event honored Sheba’s more than 1,000 clinicians, who work tirelessly to advance patient care as well as their achievements in scientific breakthroughs over the last decade.

More than 1.5 billion dollars were spent on research at Sheba Medical Center over the last decade. At a special event, the amazing achievements of our talented clinicians and researchers were celebrated.

Among other innovations and medical accomplishments, Sheba’s doctors were able to grow extensive skin tissue in a laboratory from a tiny sample for burn victim skin grafts, create auricle cartilage using 3D printing, create advanced pancreatic cancer treatments and develop cutting edge cell therapies for oncologic patients, including CAR T-cell therapy and RNA treatment.

In a bid to propel research efforts at Sheba to the next level, the new Advanced Biotherapy Center (ABC), an 800 square meter facility dedicated to developing breakthrough medical products along with advanced cellular and genetic therapies, was recently launched – ensuring that Sheba Medical Center will only expand its contributions to healthcare advancement for decades to come.

According to Prof. Dror Harats, Head of the Research and Development Division at Sheba: “For a medical center counted among the best in the world, the new Advanced Biotherapy Center will position Sheba at the forefront of biotherapy research and technology. Cell and advanced biological therapies are the present and future of medicine and will help us treat ailments that were intractable until only recently.”

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