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Sheba Begins Clinical Trial for INSPIRA Technologies’ Innovative HYLA Blood Sensor

Blood Sensor
The new non-invasive technology to monitor blood oxygen levels will be applied in operating rooms at Sheba’s Department of Cardiac Surgery

Sheba Medical Center will begin a new clinical trial for the HYLA blood sensor developed by INSPIRA Technologies. The trial, led by Dr. Yigal Kassif, Sheba’s principal investigator, will take place in the operating rooms of Sheba’s Department of Cardiac Surgery. 

“Sheba Medical Center focuses on quality clinical research programs of key medical advancements to improve patient outcomes worldwide. INSPIRA Technologies’ HYLA blood sensor technology has significant potential to enhance real-time patient monitoring,” Dr. Kassif said. 

The HYLA blood sensor provides surgeons with real-time oxygen measurements by continuously monitoring blood gas levels. Doctors can then be alerted to sudden changes as soon as they occur and take immediate action – improving treatment outcomes as well as reducing the risk of complications.

The study aims to evaluate the HYLA blood sensor in an operating room setting, specifically when used to monitor patients undergoing open heart surgery while connected to a cardiopulmonary bypass machine. “The HYLA blood sensor is designed for multiple hospital settings, both inside and outside the operating room,” says the CEO of INSPIRA Technologies, Dagi Ben-Noon. In the future, HYLA will be integrated with INSPIRA’s Augmented Respiration Technology (ART) to replace traditional mechanical ventilation systems with non-invasive oxygen support. 

As Israel’s leading medical research facility, Sheba is dedicated to promoting healthcare innovation through technologies such as the HYLA blood sensor, which will hopefully facilitate a future where medical care is more accessible, effective, and safe.

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