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Sheba Medical Center and Israeli Medical Technology Company Nucleai Partner to Accelerate AI Powered Drug Discovery and Clinical Testing

Nucleai Partner
The new strategic partnership will help advance the use of AI-based solutions to aid in the discovery of histological biomarkers such as AI patient care and AI drug discovery and research.

Sheba Medical Center’s ARC Innovation Hub and Israeli medical technology company Nucleai have announced a new strategic data collaboration partnership for the purpose of increasing clinical trial efficacy and improving patient care through the use of AI.

Nucleai is a leading provider of AI-powered precision oncology platforms that leverage tissue datasets to produce insights that aid cancer biomarker analysis and treatment decisions. Nucleai’s software uses computer vision and machine learning algorithms to predict the progress of cancerous tumors as well as the patient’s immune system response based on a visual analysis of the tumor microenvironment.

This new partnership will see Nucleai gain access to millions of patient records provided by Sheba Medical Center, which will include pathology images, clinical data, genomics, and radiomics, along with other data modalities.

Sheba Medical Center and Nucleai have already partnered in the past to identify histological biomarkers that can predict the response of different cancer patients’ bodies to immunotherapy. This was done with the help of Sheba’s Institute of Pathology, a world leader in the field that acts as a center of diagnosis and research for precision medicine.

One success to come out of this previous collaboration, which was led by the Head of the Pathology Institute at Sheba, Prof. Iris Barshack, was a study that demonstrated the prediction efficiency of tumor microenvironment AI-based analysis for breast cancer. These findings were presented at the 2020 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Conference.

In a statement released shortly after the announcement, Nucleai stated: “Through the combination of Nucleai and Sheba’s expertise across science, big data, and technology, we continue to transform and revolutionize the application of precision medicine across the healthcare ecosystem.”

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