Head of the Customer Service Department

My main motivation is to facilitate the best possible medical care for our patients.

Sheba Medical Center is the largest hospital in the Middle East and a world-renowned research center. As a result, all patients in the Medical Tourism Department have access to pioneering therapies, some unavailable outside Israel. This is thanks to the many diagnostic and treatment breakthroughs by Sheba’s doctors, surgeons, and research scientists.

I believe in providing our patients with World-Class Medicine with a Personal Touch. As such, nurturing the staff and raising our overall service level is another focal point for me. I emphasize giving our patients the most professional and humane service. All our staff members are hand-picked, highly qualified, empathetic and driven to perform at their best to your benefit. Another significant aspect of my work is coordinating and managing the work of medical agents from around the globe.

Sheba Medical Center’s Medical Tourism Department provides patients from across the globe the complete continuum of first-class healthcare – from home to Israel and back again. We make our patients’ needs and desires our priority. We promise you high-end medical care, attentiveness, and efficiency.

I bring a marketing and business perspective to my work due to my past professional experience in these fields. I also hold a law degree.