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Remote Patient Monitoring Device Found Effective for Early Detection of Medical Deterioration

Remote Patient Monitoring Device
Study results have demonstrated the device’s efficacy among at-risk patients

As part of a recent Sheba study, an advanced wearable remote patient monitoring device has demonstrated efficacy in more quickly identifying patients at risk of deterioration compared to traditional monitoring methods. 

The study included 217 hospitalized patients with a median age of 71, of whom 59.9% were male. Participants were equipped with wearable RPM devices, which calculated scores indicating their condition every five minutes according to three models: the National Early Warning Score (NEWS), the Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Neurology, and Other, as well as the clinical team’s deterioration ‘Wish List’ criteria.

Researchers confirmed clinical deterioration in 24 out of the 217 patients. With respect to these 24 patients, the NEWS model indicated high alert in 16, ABNCO in 18, and ‘Wish List’ in all of the 24.

On top of detecting each case of clinical deterioration, The RPM wearable devices did so 29-40 hours faster compared to standard monitoring methods.

“This study shows that disruptive telehealth can provide viable alternatives to clinical deterioration detection by medical staff,” Says Prof. Gal Segal, Head of Internal Medicine at the Sheba Beyond Virtual Hospital and Principal Investigator of the study. “The output signals from remote monitoring can be equivalent to medical-grade ICU monitoring, and that opens up possibilities for home hospitalization, in line with Beyond’s vision of supporting the global transition to telemedicine.” 

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