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Prostate Cancer Treatment in Israel: Secrets to Amazing Cancer Care Revealed

3 Reasons to Choose Israel for Prostate Cancer Treatment

Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among men. While some types of prostate cancer progress slowly and require minimal intervention, others are more aggressive. Since each case is unique, it is important to carefully consider where you will be treated for prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Treatment in Israel: Secrets to Amazing Cancer Care Revealed

What are the treatment options for prostate cancer?

Your treatment team will choose a treatment protocol that they think will work best according to your case. It may include one or a combination of any of the following treatments:


drugs used to remove, kill, or damage cancer cells

Hormone therapy

drugs that change hormone levels in the body to slow or stop the growth of cancer cells

Radiation therapy

high doses of radiation that are aimed at cancer cells in order to kill them


radioactive implants that are inserted in or near cancerous tissue


the removal of cancerous masses from prostate tissue

Robotic Surgery

complex surgery whilst using a minimally invasive approach.

Lutetium-177 PSMA therapy

Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen Therapy.


Cancer research is constantly evolving as medical technology advances. One of the newest and most promising treatments for prostate cancer, called Lutetium-177 PSMA or Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen Therapy, is only available at a few medical centers in the world, and Sheba Medical Center in Israel is one of them. In this treatment, radiopeptides (cell-targeting proteins combined with radioactive material) are injected into the bloodstream to bond to PSMA receptors, which are expressed at very high levels in prostate cancer cells. The radioactive material is absorbed by cancer cells and begins to break down those cells and destroy them.

Prostate Cancer Treatment in Israel

Israel provides first-rate cancer care at an affordable cost. With expert physicians, advanced treatments, and all-inclusive facilities, it’s clear why patients choose Israel for their cancer treatment. Here’s why you should consider it too:

Advanced Therapies and Treatments

Some of the world’s top experts in cancer research work from Israeli medical institutions, constantly putting out the newest and most advanced therapies and treatments.

World-Renowned Doctors

Israeli physicians undergo rigorous training at a standard equivalent to — and often more demanding than — American medical education. Medical training in Israel spans 10 years and includes medical school, residency, and fellowship. Furthermore, Israeli doctors often complete residencies and fellowships in prestigious American institutions.

Quality Care

Expert physicians, cutting-edge technology, strict safety regulations, and all-inclusive medical facilities ensure top-notch care at Israeli hospitals. On-site research laboratories and clinics in Israel’s large hospitals enable patients to receive test results and undergo treatment quickly and conveniently. In addition, many Israeli medical professionals speak English, so language won’t be a problem.

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Israel’s Largest Hospital – Sheba Medical Center for Prostate Cancer Treatment

As Israel’s largest hospital, Sheba Medical Center is home to the best doctors and the most advanced facilities and treatments in a country at the forefront of cancer research. In fact, Sheba is one of the ten best hospitals in the world, according to a recent publication by Newsweek. The hospital focuses on a personal touch and individualized treatment for each and every patient. Here are a few reasons why you should consider Sheba for your prostate cancer treatment:

Outstanding Patient Experience

Sheba has perfected the medical tourism experience, eliminating any confusion related to medical treatment abroad. Each patient receives personal attention from initial inquiry through to follow-up after treatment.

World-Renowned Specialists

Some of the world’s leading oncologists and cancer specialists work at the Sheba Cancer Center. The Director of the Cancer Center, Prof. Raanan Berger, MD, Ph.D., is an oncologist and radiotherapist at Sheba who specializes in prostate cancer.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The latest tests in prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment are found at Sheba Medical Center, some of which are not yet available in the US. These include PET-PSMA (prostate-specific membrane antigen/positron emission tomography), fusion prostate biopsy, and advanced molecular imaging.

No Hidden Fees

Sheba Medical Center is a government institution with full price transparency, protecting its patients from unexpected or hidden costs.

Distinguished Partners

Sheba Medical Center and MD Anderson Cancer Center in the US collaborate to share research and expert medical staff.

Sheba follows a holistic approach to healthcare, which focuses not only on the patient’s physical state, but emotional, spiritual, social, and intellectual needs as well.

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