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A life without headaches and pituitary adenoma – Gennady’s Recovery Story at Sheba

Pituitary Adenoma
Gennady from Krivoy Rog, Ukraine, was suffering from headaches and diplopia for a long time. Pains brought much discomfort and darkened his rather quiet life. In 2009 at the age of 48, the head of Goncharenko family underwent MRI and was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor and kraniofaringioma, which was not an auspicious diagnosis.

A Frightful Diagnosis

MRI showed a left side brain lesion located over, within and around Turkish saddle (supra-, infra-, parasellar tumor) with dimensions of 25х25х27 mm. The lesion turned out to be a pituitary adenoma.

A pituitary adenoma is a benign tumor of the pituitary gland. Accelerating growth of a pituitary adenoma can cause severe abnormalities that sometimes pose a serious threat to a patient’s life.

An Immediate Solution

Those events shocked the family. The mere thought about possible consequences frightened all of Gennady’s relatives. The Goncharenko family made unanimous decision to be treated in Israel.

“Before it happened to my husband the head of a company, where I worked, had been treated in Israel and had had very positive results of treatment. He advised The Chaim Sheba Medical Center of all others, we also had heard a lot from other sources about excellent results of patients’ treatment achieved in this center. We had no doubts. The decision was made immediately,” Gennady’s wife relates.

Treatment of Pituitary Adenoma at Sheba Medical Center

Coming to Sheba Medical Center in Israel

In September 2009 Gennady arrived at Sheba’s Global patient services. After a comprehensive examination, he was diagnosed with secondary Non-insulin dependent diabetes. The situation seemed more complex, but professionals of Sheba Medical Center provided necessary treatment to make Gennady ready for surgery. Only after that a transsphenoidal surgery for removal of the pituitary adenoma was scheduled.

Surgery and post-surgical treatment

Finally, Gennady was hospitalized to the Department of Neurosurgery for undergoing a surgery.
Transanal Endoscopic adenomectomy is the main method of tumor removal today, that allows performing the surgery without an external surgical incision. New growth is accessed by an optical device-endoscope through patient’s nasal cavity. The minimally invasive method of tumor removal differs by low chances to develop complications, quick recovery and lack of a post-surgical scar.

Gennady’s wife relates: «The surgery was performed by Dr. Cohen, Prof. Hadani assisted him. They are highly skilled professionals, attentive and wonderful people. We are immensely grateful to surgeons who performed the operation and to the endocrinologist for saving the life of my husband Gennady, as well as to all medical staff for the help and care we have received».

After successful performed surgery additional therapy was prescribed. Gennady has fully recovered and returned back to Ukraine after only three weeks.

A Personal Touch

Medical coordinator Larisa Grodberg helped Gennady during the entire time of his staying at Sheba Medical Center.
“Larisa Grodberg was our medical coordinator. She was sent by God, dare I say it. She is thoughtful, attentive, responsive, effective and professional. We got the best possible service. And this is extremely important during a treatment process. We heard a lot of very positive feedbacks about Larisa from other patients we met during these times in Sheba” – relates Gennady’s wife.

Healthy Recovery

After arrival to Ukraine Gennady has resumed his daily life, has turned up to work and feels perfect by now. Once a year he comes to Sheba Medical Center for a preventive medical checkup. All indices are normal and Gennady is living a joyful and healthy life. After the staying in Sheba he and his wife, that stayed with him all the time, have many new good friends in Israel.

Shining Endorsement

Goncharenko family shares their experience at Sheba: “We strongly recommend for anyone who has found a disease to apply to Sheba Medical Center, “magicians” work there, the medical staff is highly professional, technologies are the most advanced, consultants of the Global patient services are efficient and compassionate.
Now we have friends in Israel and we call them our family. Thank so much to all of you!!! Deep bow for your priceless work for saving people lives. God bless you!!!”

Pituitary Adenoma found during an MRI
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