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PIPAC – Innovative Peritoneal Metastasis Treatment in Israel

PIPAC is an innovative drug-delivery method that can be highly effective at controlling peritoneal (abdominal) metastasis and certain types of cancer – without the undesirable side effects of other conventional therapies. When combined with regular chemotherapy, PIPAC can not only help with palliation, but also prolong life for many cancer patients. At Sheba Medical Center, our team in the Department of Surgical Oncology (Surgery C) comprises experts who have undergone specialized, high level training in PIPAC.


What conditions are treated by PIPAC?

Presently, PIPAC can be used for patients with the following types of cancer:

  • Abdominal metastasis from malignant tumors in the stomach, colon, pancreas, liver, and appendix
  • Mesothelioma
  • Women with ovarian cancer and metastasis into the abdominal cavity

In particular, PIPAC has been shown to be effective for palliative purposes and for down-staging cancer patients who have not reached end-stage disease. The main goal of this treatment is to prolong survival and enhance quality of life.


How does PIPAC work?

PIPAC is a minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery performed under general anesthesia. The leading-edge technology uses a video camera and the Capnopen, a customized nebulizer device. Capnopen pressurizes the chemotherapy agents, transforming them into an aerosol. The primary benefit of PIPAC is that a smaller dosage of cytotoxic agents is required, because the aerosolized delivery penetrates deeper into the tumor tissue.

Why choose Sheba for PIPAC?

World-class physicians

our surgical oncologists learned PIPAC directly from the doctors who invented and developed this breakthrough treatment

Affordable cancer care

top value at costs that are much lower than in Europe, with no hidden fees

Efficient & patient-friendly

every patient is assigned a personal coordinator from our Global patient services, who will help with every detail of your treatment at Sheba

Collaborative medicine

our skilled staff is comprehensive, and a multidisciplinary team of experts work together to provide integrative, personalized treatments

Internationally recognized

Sheba is fully accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the gold standard in healthcare

Leading-edge campus

our hospital departments feature state-of-the art technologies and the latest therapies

Sheba Medical Center A Recognized Leader in Global Healthcare

Sheba Medical Center, the largest and most prominent medical center in the Middle East, continues to set the standard for excellence in care. For the fifth year in a row, Newsweek included Sheba on their list of the world’s best hospitals, in addition to naming it as one of the best smart hospitals and a leader in gastroenterology, neurology, and cardiology. Sheba’s vision for global healthcare combines clinical excellence and medical innovation alongside international collaboration, and we employ these powerful resources to help patients worldwide.

Meet Our Doctors

The physicians at Sheba Medical Center’s Department of Surgical Oncology (Surgery C) are internationally renowned cancer experts who apply their premier training, unique experience, and dedicated approach to treating every patient.

Almog Ben Yaacov

Almog Ben-Yaacov, MD

Senior Surgeon, Department of General and Oncological Surgery-Surgery C

Dr. Ben-Yaakov specializes in CRS and HIPEC procedures, gastric cancer, sarcomas, and complex colorectal malignancies. By 2018, he had performed over 200 HIPEC procedures under the guidance of Prof. Nissan, a world-renowned specialist in CRS and HIPEC.

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Holistic Healthcare for the Whole Patient

Our Department of Surgical Oncology (Surgery C) is the first facility in Israel to offer custom-tailored cancer treatments based on a truly holistic approach. We consider all of your needs – physical and emotional – when you visit Sheba for PIPAC and other cancer therapies. Our multidisciplinary staff pays attention to the various ways in which your condition challenges your quality of life, and we strive to find solutions to meet your overall needs. While all of our treatment programs are designed using scientifically confirmed facts and cutting-edge Western medicine, we also offer complementary treatments. In addition to doctors, our caring staff includes nutritionists, physiotherapists, professional nurses, and psychologists.

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