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The high professionalism and patient-focused approach of the Sheba clinic doctors saved my life – Story of Aleksey

Patient hand
It started quite simply in 2016, one day Aleksey find a lump on the right side of the neck. However, doctors suspected that something was wrong and sent him to a cervical lymph node biopsy. The diagnosis carcinoma shocked him. Trying to find out the way from this situation, Aleksey remembered that his friend had passed the successful treatment at Sheba clinic. That is why he decided to travel to Israel for medical treatment.

At the Sheba Medical Center the diagnosis was verified. Aleksey was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in stage II –III. According to his condition, doctors have prescribed the relevant treatment.

“What’s interesting is that the treatment was prescribed only after complex diagnosis of several specialists/ The Sheba clinic has correct and competent approach” – Aleksey mentioned.

After Aleksey passed nasopharyngeal biopsy and the correct diagnoses was verified, his doctors chose the most effective treatment for this case. He underwent 7 weeks of radiation therapy and 7 weeks of chemotherapy. The treatment was very hard but Aleksey was always surrounded by his relatives. He is very grateful to all of them for their care and support.

Treatment results were more than successful. Six months later Aleksey returned to his work and a couple of months after that he resumed sporting. Almost all the side effects that arose during the treatment have now left. Those that remained do not appear in any way and do not interfere with his normal life.

Speaking about doctors and medical coordinators, Aleksey emphasizes “My deepest gratitude to doctors for their professionalism! Iris Gluck was my physician. She is a real professional and you rarely meet such expert. Doctor Eran Alon performed a biopsy. He is also a high-level specialist and very positive person; it is very easy to communicate with him. Doctor Alon and Doctor Lev Bedrin and Doctor Yisgav Shapiro performed and still performing medical examinations. Nurse Nati always was in contact with doctors and me”.

In addition, Aleksey mentions that the staff of Radio and Chemotherapy Departments played a huge role in his successful recovery. The nurses done their best to ease his suffering and to alleviate his condition. Aleksey thanks Michal, Svetlana and especially Maya from the bottom of his hart.

“And to make everything works you need a special person who knows all the hospital system and also has a special personal attitude that help a patient to feel care and support. I was lucky to have Victory as my coordinator. She made all the treatment process possible and easy, and I want to thanks her very much!”

Doctor Eran Alon was one of the Sheba clinic doctors who saved my life, words of Aleksey
Doctor Eran Alon

When we had asked Aleksey a question: “If he would recommend Sheba as hospital for nasopharyngeal cancer treatment?” he answered definitely: “Of course yes!”

October 2020

It’s been three years since I completed my treatment at Sheba. Now, other than going for check-ups every six months, I only have a few minor side effects – none of which interfere with my joy of life! I’ve learned to accept life as it is, and I call it “my new normal.”

My general attitude towards illness and life has changed. Before I was first diagnosed with cancer, I was terrified to even think about the disease. Now, I know what it is, and I know how to prevent it in the future. I work hard not to allow negative emotions into my life, only positive ones. I tell myself and others – don’t dwell on fear!

I’ve also learned the importance of listening to yourself. The body tells you what you can and cannot do – what’s best to limit, when to rest, when you can push yourself harder. I started asking myself more questions, and the answers came. Of course, answers aren’t always immediate, and often, they need to be interpreted.

I had always dreamed of having a son. But the cancer and the difficult treatment I underwent left me with minimal chances of preserving healthy reproductive function. All of this put a lot of pressure on me. But as my body began to recover, I asked my questions and I got my answers. I felt I could resume training and playing sports… and the physical activity gave me the impetus for further recovery. All of this led to our giving birth to a healthy boy (now 1.8 years old), born after two girls.

After my cancer treatment, I can clearly identify my life priorities. My three children – they are my priorities.

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