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Patient Knowledge Base

FAQ: What is the application process?

Here are the basic steps of what you need to do, and what to expect throughout the process of applying for a treatment program:

  1. Submit your application via one of the following ways:
    1. By email: [email protected]
    2. By phone: +972-77-996-6905
    3. Fill out our online form

We will receive your application and contact you shortly.

  1.  A medical case manager from our Global Patient Services will receive your application and contact you with questions to collect the medical case history of your disease. Your answers will help us to design your initial assessment. At this point, your medical case manager will also instruct you about which medical documents you need to submit.
  2. Send all requested and relevant medical documents to your medical case manager’s email. Be aware that we can only accept email attachments with a maximum size of 8 MB.
  3. We will transfer these documents within Sheba to a medical supervisor, who will prepare a treatment plan for your visit. Often, a Sheba physician is also involved in this part of the process.
  4. We will send you a general summary of your treatment plan, including a basic outline of all the tests and treatments that you will need. The estimated costs for all of these tests and treatments will also be provided.

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