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Patient Knowledge Base

FAQ: What is a medical coordinator and what services will they provide me?

At the International Medical Tourism Division of Sheba Medical Center, we employ 11 medical coordinators. Each of these helpful staff members specializes in a particular medical field and is highly experienced in the field of medical tourism. Upon arrival at the hospital, every patient meets their personal medical coordinator who will accompany them throughout the process of diagnosis and treatment.

In general, your medical coordinator is responsible for:

  • Accompanying you to all outpatient checkups and analyses
  • Providing simultaneous interpretation of conversations with hospital specialists
  • Visiting daily during your hospitalization (on working days)
  • Remaining on-call for any medical emergencies, both during and outside office hours
  • Coordinating and updating your treatment plan; making appointments for relevant checkups and evaluations, as directed by our Sheba medical staff
  • Delivering test results to you and the attending physician in a timely manner, as they become available
  • Ensuring that your medical documentation is sent for translation into English, and then transferring it to you when ready

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