Is there anything I need to know about travelling by taxi in Israel?

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Yes, there are a few essential tips to know when taking taxis in Israel:

  • There is a starting taxi fare of about 11 NIS in most cities in Israel.
  • You will need to pay the taxi driver in NIS (New Israeli Shekel).
  • In cities, taxi drivers must use the meter – unless you know the fare and agree upon a fixed rate with the driver. When you get into the taxi, request that the driver turns on the meter (“moneh”) in order to calculate the cost of your route.
  • When travelling inter-city, taxis have fixed rates. Ask the price when you call to arrange for pickup, or when you get into the car.
  • If you phone a taxi in advance, there is approximately a 5 NIS surcharge. (Taxi apps do not generally charge this fee.)
  • There are surcharges for luggage, usually about 5 NIS per piece.
  • Taxi rates at night have a 25% surcharge.
  • Payment is generally in cash, although more and more taxis are also starting to accept credit cards.
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