How do I know that this website is the official site of Sheba’s International Medical Tourism Division?

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Here are a few helpful tips that you can use to confirm that our website is genuine:

  1. If you visit the English version of Sheba’s official site (https://eng.sheba.co.il/international_patients), you can find information about our International Medical Tourism Division. Additional links are also listed there to reach the corresponding English and Russian websites.
  2. Our emails come from medical.tourism@sheba.gov.il, showing that we are official, direct representatives and not agents.
  3. All phone calls to Sheba can be transferred directly to our International Medical Tourism Division.
  4. Inspect the contact information provided by our website. We publish our complete contact information in many places. Note that we list our address as: 2 Derech Sheba, Ramat Gan, Israel; this is the official location of Sheba Medical Center. Our physical address is therefore a clear confirmation that we are who we say we are.
  5. Look at our Team page to see a complete list of Sheba’s Medical Tourism Division staff members with whom you will come in contact.
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