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Nuvo Group and Sheba Develop AI-Powered Gestational Diabetes Management Platform

INVU platform and Sheba Beyond have created an AI-powered gestational diabetes management system.

A groundbreaking gestational diabetes pilot was recently completed by the two organizations, deploying Nuvo’s INVU platform at Sheba’s Beyond Virtual Hospital, simplifying care for pregnant women suffering from the condition.

Gestational diabetes can develop in pregnant women who don’t already have diabetes. During pregnancy, the body releases more hormones, which might cause the body’s cells to use insulin less effectively. Suffering from gestational diabetes requires multiple check-ups, including blood sugar tests and fetal monitoring. 

Committed to providing patients with the best possible care, Sheba Beyond, Israel’s first virtual hospital, has partnered with Nuvo Group, the company behind INVU, the first FDA-approved remote pregnancy monitoring platform. The two organizations recently completed a first successful joint study examining a new virtual care approach to gestational diabetes management that leverages AI to develop personalized care regimens.

Participating physicians prescribed INVU to expectant mothers, who wore the sensor band from home during virtual visits. During these virtual visits, anchored by Beyond’s virtual platform, a live reading allowed the mothers-to-be to access simplified data and insights via the paired INVU app, while the provider received the more detailed fetal and maternal surveillance that OB/GYNs are accustomed to receiving during in-office visits.

To provide a comprehensive virtualized care regimen, the pilot program also included the use of several other telemedicine solutions alongside INVU, including a remote ultrasound device, glucose monitoring, and a home urinalysis kit. In addition to offering a safe regimen for managing gestational diabetes, the program was designed to help patients and providers save time, ultimately enhancing the overall care experience.

“Our long-term goal is to provide pregnant women with the best possible maternal-fetal surveillance wherever they are – in our clinics, in the comfort of their own home or during their workday,” said Dr. Avi Tsur, high-risk pregnancy expert and Director of Sheba’s Women’s Health Innovation Center and Sheba Beyond’s Obstetrics & Gynecology telehealth platform. “The INVU fetal monitoring solution has the potential to be a catalyst of transformative care in an area of medicine that has been lagging in innovation and new approaches for decades. I hope this pilot is only the beginning.”

Nuvo Group CEO Kelly Londy adds: “It is an honor to collaborate with a leading medical center like Sheba to bring Nuvo’s INVU technology to expectant mothers in Israel. The INVU platform is particularly beneficial for high-risk pregnancies that would otherwise require frequent in-clinic visits, which we know can become burdensome on all sides. We look forward to the next phase of our partnership as we continue to work with Sheba to help deliver safe and reliable remote care to even more patients.”

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