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New AI Guidance Platform May Help Reduce Physician Workloads, New Sheba Study Indicates

Ultrasight's AI guidance platform cardiac ultrasound
The use of UltraSight’s AI guidance platform allowed medical assistants with no prior sonography experience to produce accurate cardiac ultrasound images

Sheba Medical Center has recently partnered with UltraSight, an Israeli-based startup who has developed an AI guidance platform that allows any medical professional, without prior sonography training, to successfully capture accurate, quality cardiac ultrasound images. 

In order to evaluate UltraSight’s technology, Sheba has conducted a study, led by Prof. Robert Klempfner, Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation Institute and Scientific Director of the Big Data and AI Hub at Sheba’s ARC Innovation Center. Three medical assistants, with no experience concerning cardiac ultrasound, participated and were asked to scan 61 cardiac patients using the new platform. Three board-certified cardiologists then evaluated each scan.

Results indicated that the guidance of UltraSight’s AI platform allowed users with no prior sonography training to obtain quality cardiac ultrasound images for all patients who participated in the study.

Commenting on the results, Prof. Klempfner stated: “UltraSight’s novel technology enables novice users, with minimal training, to conduct high-quality diagnostic echocardiographic studies. The technology can potentially increase point-of-care ultrasound user adoption and accelerate patient care in various clinical settings, ranging from emergency medicine to cardiology and even patient homes.”

At Sheba, we’re excited to pioneer the use of yet another advanced medical technology, and pleased to help promote another possible solution for the staffing shortages experienced by healthcare systems across the globe.

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