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Treatment for Metastatic Sarcoma in Children

Sarcoma is a relatively rare type of cancer that grows in connective tissue. There are more than 50 kinds of sarcoma, but they can be categorized into two main groups: osteosarcoma (bone) and soft tissue sarcoma, such as Ewing sarcoma, which affects the muscle and cartilage around the bone.

Osteosarcoma is the most common type of bone cancer in children and young adults. Typically, it occurs during the teenage years. Ewing sarcoma, which is very rare, is detected most commonly in adolescents between the ages of 10 and 20. If the sarcoma spreads to another organ in the body from where it began, it is called metastatic sarcoma. Medical treatments are administered to relieve the symptoms and slow the spread of metastatic cancer.

At Sheba, highly qualified specialists review each case of metastatic sarcoma thoroughly to design an effective therapy program. Oncologists, pediatric oncologists, hematologists, radiologists, orthopedic surgeons, and surgical oncologists use advanced technologies and premier skills to provide quick diagnostic results and prompt treatments.

Ewing’s Sarcoma New Treatment

Metastatic Sarcoma Treatment in Israel

Our multidisciplinary team of physicians collaborates to custom-tailor every program for metastatic sarcoma treatment in Israel. To optimize and personalize each patient’s therapy, we consider the specific type, stage, and location of the cancer, as well as how the rest of the body is functioning. Treatment options include:


surgical procedures are used to obtain a biopsy sample and to remove the tumor. Various types of surgery can be used for metastatic sarcoma, depending on the size and location of the tumor; precise imaging tests will be done prior to surgery to define the extent of the tumor.


our experienced oncologists will choose the most suitable chemotherapy drug(s) for each child, and we will adjust or change the medication as necessary.

Targeted Therapy

these drugs identify and attack specific cancer cells without causing damage to nearby healthy cells; many different types of targeted therapy drugs are available, and we will determine the most effective individualized options.

Bone Marrow Transplant / Stem Cell Transplant

usually an option only for children with high-risk neuroblastoma; chemotherapy and/or surgery are performed before the transplant and children with neuroblastoma typically receive their own stem cells.

Radiation therapy

conventional radiotherapy is not usually recommended for treating osteosarcoma because extremely high doses are needed. However, innovative, more precise forms of targeted radiation may be used. In contrast, Ewing sarcoma tumors are especially sensitive to radiation, so radiotherapy is often used in conjunction with chemotherapy. .

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Why Choose Sheba for Metastatic Sarcoma Treatment?

Expert Experience

as the largest hospital in Israel and the region, our pediatric physicians have extensive experience treating metastatic sarcoma in children

Top-tier Training

our specialists have trained at internationally renowned cancer centers around the world

Compassionate Care

our team is dedicated to performing procedures that minimize pain and suffering, with deep consideration for the physical and emotional needs of each child.

Personalized Treatments

we evaluate the patient’s condition thoroughly to design a treatment program that addresses each individual’s needs

Worldwide Recognition

we are ranked in Newsweek’s Top Ten Hospitals in the World, and we are fully accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the supreme standard for safety and quality in healthcare

Groundbreaking Therapies

application of cutting-edge treatments

Sheba Medical Center Transforming Healthcare and Biomedical Innovation

Standing at the forefront of clinical research, innovation, and patient care, Sheba Medical Center, the largest hospital in the Middle East, continues to set the standard for international excellence. For the fifth consecutive year, Newsweek ranked Sheba as one of the world’s best hospitals, as well as listing the medical center as one of the best smart hospitals and a leader in gastroenterology, neurology, and cardiology. Committed to advancing patient care and transforming healthcare worldwide, Sheba continually pushes boundaries in research and clinical care.

Holistic Healing at Sheba

Our caring team treats each patient’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and social needs – and not just the cancer. We understand that cancer can have a devastating effect on your child and your entire family’s quality of life, and we’re here to help. In addition to benefiting from top-notch, advanced therapies and technologies, you and your child will have the support of our psychologists, social workers, nutritionists, and rehabilitation therapists. Throughout every step of treatment at Sheba, a personal medical coordinator from Global patient services will stay by your side – keeping the lines of communication clear and assisting with every detail.

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