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Man’s Life is Saved by High-Tech Device from Israeli Startup

Man’s Life is Saved by High-Tech Device from Israeli Startup
Thanks to a groundbreaking flexible microcatheter developed by BENDIT Technologies, a 74-year old man suffering from a “giant” brain aneurysm survived.

When existing protocols were unable to help a 74-year-old man who had a massive brain aneurysm, doctors at Sheba Medical Center requested compassionate approval from the Health Ministry to use a steerable microcatheter from BENDIT Technologies.

Approval was granted and this week, specialists at the Neuro-Interventional and Stroke Center at Sheba, performed the first procedure using the flexible device. The patient is currently recuperating nicely.

“The patient had a giant brain aneurysm that was compressing his brainstem, and he had a high risk of brain hemorrhage,” explained Dr. David Orion, neuroendovascular surgeon. “The previous endovascular procedures we performed with the standard devices were unsuccessful due to this patient’s complicated anatomy and the presence of crucial brain arteries branching out of the aneurysm.”

“This is the first-ever use of the BENDIT microcatheter in a neuro indication […] the device could dramatically change the endovascular field,” Orion added.

The catheterization procedure is complex, and BENDIT’s patented technology reduces it to a single step, enabling radial access to reduce patient risk.

According to BENDIT CEO Yossi Mazel, “Providing endovascular intervention for the brain and hard-to-access organs is a race against time. Being unable to move a catheter through a bend in the artery can result in delayed treatment and devastating outcomes.”

Mazel stressed how the success that Dr. Orion and Dr. Gal Yaniv achieved at Sheba using the microcatheter promotes entry into a new frontier in treating brain aneurysms. He also thanked Sheba for actively participating in the promotion of this revolutionary technology.

BENDIT Technologies has already received FDA and CE certification for peripheral use of its microcatheter, and plans are underway to submit it shortly for approval for neurovascular indication

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