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Why Tourists are Choosing to have Knee Replacement Surgery in Israel

4 Reasons to Come to Israel for Knee Replacement Surgery

The knee is one of the strongest and most used joints in the body. It bears a large burden from the stress of daily wear and tear to more strenuous physical activities. As such, the knee is the most commonly replaced joint in the body. Those in need of knee surgery will find that there are many options including:

  • Knee arthroplasty
  • Corrective osteotomy
  • Unicompartmental knee replacement
  • Primary total knee replacement
  • Revision total knee replacement

Find out why so many people choose to come to Israel for knee replacement surgery.

Knee Replacement Surgery in Israel

Knee Replacement in Israel - Best country for knee replacement surgery

People choose to undergo orthopedic surgery in Israel for a number of reasons. Here’s why you should consider knee replacement in Israel:

World-Renowned Medical Experts

Israel is home to some of the best-trained and most experienced physicians in the world. Israeli doctors undergo extensive training and education equivalent to American standards, and often even more rigorous. In fact, many Israeli doctors complete residencies and fellowships in the US, at prestigious American medical institutions.

Advanced Research and Cutting-Edge Technology

Israel is a leading nation in medical technology. The country features medical institutions with the latest and most advanced research, medical equipment, and techniques in medicine. In Israel, patients have access to the modern less-invasive surgical options.

Quality Care at an Affordable Cost

Healthcare in many parts of the world can be extremely expensive. This is one of the main reasons people choose to travel for medical care. With some of the world’s leading specialists, cutting-edge research and technology, and extensive medical facilities, Israel’s quality of medical care is among the highest in the world — at a much lower cost.

Specialties in Orthopedics

Those seeking orthopedic care in Israel will find many options of expert physicians, treatment techniques, and rehabilitation facilities. Doctors work closely alongside nurses, psychologists, physical therapists, social workers, and other professionals for effective treatment and rehabilitation.

Knee Replacement Surgery in Israel

Why Choose Sheba Medical Center
for Knee Replacement Surgery?

Sheba Medical Center has earned its place on Newsweek’s list of the ten best hospitals in the world. Sheba is recognized as a leader in medical science and biotechnical innovation worldwide. As the largest hospital in the region, Sheba performs more orthopedic surgeries than any other medical institution around, while still ensuring that each patient’s physical and emotional needs are met.

Here is why Sheba has become a popular choice for those undergoing knee replacement:

  • Outstanding Door-to-Door Care. Sheba’s 360-degree approach eliminates any confusion or anxiety related to planning your medical travel. From initial inquiry, all the way through follow-up after departure, each patient’s assigned case manager streamlines the process and ensures the best possible care.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology. Sheba Medical Center offers the latest treatments in knee replacement. Furthermore, orthopedic surgeons at Sheba regularly perform complex orthopedic operations including hip replacement, spinal surgery, and more.
  • Many Surgical Options. The extensive facilities, latest technology, and expert orthopedic surgeons at Sheba allow for a wide range of knee surgeries including corrective osteotomies, unicompartmental knee replacement, and total knee replacement.
  • Experienced Staff. The Department Of Orthopedic Surgery performs over 4,000 orthopedic surgeries, and hundreds of knee surgeries annually, ensuring the highest level of quality care.
  • Postoperative rehabilitation. The personnel of the specialized Orthopedic Rehabilitation Department are dedicated to providing care to ensure a faster recovery.
  • No Hidden Fees. As a government institution, Sheba Medical Center provides full price transparency, so you won’t ever be surprised with hidden costs.

Sheba Medical Center follows a holistic approach to medicine that considers the patient’s overall well-being and quality of life. Physicians work closely with nurses, therapists, social workers, and other specialists to support the patient’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs.

best country for knee replacement surgery

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