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IVF – A chance at becoming a parent

IVF – A chance at becoming a parent
Irina couldn’t get pregnant until Irina’s husband was diagnosed with azoospermia – lack of sperm in the semen. The Russian doctors routinely informed them that having children was simply not in the cards. They were told that the only available option was to use donor sperm, which was out of the question. They decided to take their chance with IVF.

Irina and her husband refused to give in to the condition – for over 5 years they searched for possible solutions, ultimately deciding to undergo an examination at Sheba Medical Center to see if there are any feasible alternatives to donors.

“We went through all the tests and – amazingly! – the results indicated that some living sperm had been found – not much, but enough for IVF. The doctors encouraged us to follow through with it and told us a positive outcome is very probable. We were immensely happy.

Over the next 5 days, we completed the remaining tests. This marked the end of the examinations – we were now cleared for the actual procedure. In November 2015, I went through a stimulation cycle to maximize the chances of fertilization, after which it was time for the final step: embryo transfer. Everything went smoothly and 2 days after the procedure was over, I returned home.

After two weeks, I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative – the embryo failed to implant. It was a dark moment for me and my husband. Our hopes of becoming happy parents had crumbled right before our eyes and we felt lost and powerless.

In March 2016, we decided to try once more – we had 2 more embryos left, which meant 2 more chances at pregnancy. The doctors suggested that I shouldn’t fly back home after the IVF – instead, they recommended me to stay in Israel for a few weeks to minimize the stress. I heeded their advice. The waiting took a major emotional toll on me – I was psyched out, anxious and very scared. I can’t imagine reasoning with me at that time was simple, and I want to thank Vera, our medical coordinator at Sheba, very much for her continued patience, guidance and compassion.

After two weeks, I took another pregnancy test. It was positive. Against all odds, I was at last able to get pregnant! In 9 months, I gave birth to our wonderful little daughter. I cannot overstate how much the first-class specialists at Sheba contributed to this minor miracle of ours, and I want to express my sincere gratitude to them for making this possible.

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