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Advancing the Future of Healthcare: Sheba Medical Center Partners with Israel’s Health Tech Startups at Chicago Summit

Sheba Medical Center and twenty of Israel’s most promising health technology startups teamed up at the first Chicago-Israel HealthTech Summit. The mission of this union is to transform innovative, high-tech ideas into functional life-saving products.

Together with the nonprofit MATTER Chicago, Sheba and The Center for Digital Innovation organized this conference. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel opened the three-day conference, showing his support for the initiative.

Dr. Eyal Zimlichman, Deputy Director General at Sheba, and Chief Medical Officer and Chief Innovation Officer of the ARC (Accelerate, Redesign, Collaborate) Innovation Center, explained the significance of the summit during his presentation. “Collaboration is a crucial part of innovation, and this unique partnership will help bring dynamic healthcare startups to market,” he said. “Over the next decade, Sheba will continue to rapidly alter the medical landscape. With groundbreaking technology, our ARC Innovation Center will change the way we treat patients and save lives.”

The pace of innovation speeds along at the ARC Innovation Center. The seamless interaction between startups, scientists, high-end developers, major corporations, academia, and investors facilitates the smooth advancement of new technologies. Dr. Zimlichman is committed to turning ideas into reality (such as virtual reality, predictive medicine and telemedicine), for the sake of helping people in the best possible ways.

Steven Collens, CEO of MATTER Chicago, expressed his enthusiasm about this consequential partnership between Israel and the US. “Israel has one of the world’s most vibrant communities of healthcare entrepreneurs – and most of them look to the United States to commercialize their technologies,” he said. “MATTER is the ideal launching point for them to enter the US, given our network, educational resources, and community.”

Israel and Sheba Medical Center, the largest and most comprehensive hospital in the Middle East, are constantly at the forefront of technological advances in healthcare.