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How to improve your relationship during the pandemic

relationship during the pandemic

To avoid the risks of the coronavirus pandemic, you’ve been isolating yourself at home for months. At first, you enjoyed the intimate, quality time with your spouse. But now, all that extra togetherness is getting on your nerves. How can you promote harmony in your relationships, without driving each other crazy? Ilona Mirkin, a sex therapist at the Center for Sexual Medicine at Sheba Medical Center, shares her advice tailored for these challenging times.

The first step

Trust your intuition, and learn how to tune out all the background noise from others. People around you can poison your thoughts with negativity, asking questions like “Are you serious? He goes out with his friends alone, without you?” or, “What? You only have sex once a week?” Instead of listening to others, listen to your inner voice. The coronavirus crisis has reduced our relationship with the outside world, so it’s the perect time to focus on listening to yourself and your spouse.

“Listen to yourself and to your spouse without making accusations. It can be helpful to speak while you’re involved in housework, which makes tasks like cleaning or cooking more pleasant and reduces the chance of fighting,” recommends Mirkin.

Get to know yourself and your spouse better

For couples working at home, it’s essential to set a schedule for work hours and time invested in the relationship. The pandemic has caused a lot of anxiety, and many couples may feel tempted to get lost in their work. That’s not a healthy backdrop for any relationship.

Stay fun & active together

A great way to improve your relationship is to have an outdoor exercise done together, even taking a walk can be a powerful way to lower your stress level and strengthen positive connections in a relationship. If you’ve been a more sedentary couple up until now, it’s the perfect opportunity to start a healthy habit together.

While many recreational activities are no longer an option, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun together. Take a drive, plan a special meal, or purchase a new household item that you both enjoy. It’s essential to make plans for things to look forward to, even if they’re on a smaller scale than in the past.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

A bit of help may be necessary for some couples to stay healthy and survive through this challenging time.

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