Hepatitis C – Treatment in Israel

Hepatitis C is caused by a viral infection that leads to liver inflammation and serious liver damage. The hepatitis C virus (HCV) is bloodborne, spread by contact with contaminated blood, and currently no vaccine is available. Many people who suffer from chronic hepatitis C will eventually develop cirrhosis or primary liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma). At The Center for Liver Diseases at Sheba Medical Center in Israel, our team comprises world-class experts who custom design and administer the latest treatments for hepatitis C.

Treatments at Sheba

Our hepatologists and other specialists offer the most advanced and personalized treatments for hepatitis C. In general, the goal of all HCV treatments is to clear the virus from the body and prevent it from causing liver damage, which can lead to liver failure or primary liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma).

To optimize and custom tailor your treatment, Sheba’s physicians will perform testing to identify your virus genotype and its level (PCR) in the blood serum, as well as conduct a genetic test to predict your chances of responding to antiviral therapy. We may also perform a noninvasive fibroscan to assess liver inflammation and scarring, along with a FibroTest blood evaluation to check the degree of liver disease.

Antiviral therapy

We offer cutting-edge antiviral therapy for patients with HCV. Recent improvements in antiviral medications have led to better outcomes, fewer side effects, drugs that are easier to take, and a shorter duration of treatment.

Why Come to Sheba

for Hepatitis C Treatment?


our Center for Liver Diseases is one of the largest centers in Israel, with clinics dedicated solely to treating hepatitis


we offer the latest, custom tailored antiviral drugs available


our vast campus offers all diagnostics and treatments conveniently under one roof


we are fully accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the coveted gold standard for healthcare


a personal coordinator from Global patient services is assigned to help every Sheba patient constantly, with every detail


multidisciplinary doctors join together to maximize and personalize your health care

Sheba – Ranked in the

Top Ten Best Hospitals Worldwide

Sheba Medical Center sets the standard for excellence in patient-focused care. Recently, Newsweek included Sheba on their prestigious list of the Top Ten Best Hospitals Worldwide. This endorsement recognizes Sheba as a leading force in medical science and biotechnological innovation – maximizing the latest technologies while always providing holistic, outstanding healthcare. Sheba is strongly committed to delivering personalized, expert medicine to everyone from all over the world.

The 10 Best Hospitals in the World

Sheba top 10 hospitals worldwide by Newsweek

Meet Our Doctors

Prof. Ziv Ben Ari,

Prof. Ziv Ben Ari,

Director of the Center for Liver Diseases and of the Liver Research Laboratory at the Sheba Medical Center

Prof. Ben Ari is an internationally renowned leader in the field of hepatology. She has received numerous grants for her ongoing liver research, she has published more than 170 articles.

Yana Davidov-Darbianik, MD

Yana Davidov-Darbianik, MD

Senior Physician at the Center for Liver Diseases

Dr. Davidov is a specialist in internal medicine, with a focus on the treatment of various liver diseases, including hepatitis B and C, fatty liver, viral liver diseases, autoimmune and cholestatic liver disease (PBC, PSC), and cirrhosis. She studied medicine at the National University, School of Fundamental Medicine, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Holistic Healthcare
We Care About Your Quality of Life

Sheba’s team understands the far-reaching effects that a diagnosis of hepatitis C can have on your life. That’s why we consider much more than your disease when we customize your treatment. We practice holistic medicine, and a team of multidisciplinary physicians works together to design the most effective therapy for each individual patient. Your exceptional team will comprise hepatologists, gastroenterologists, hepatobiliary surgeons, radiologists, oncologists, psychologists, and supportive social services staff. When we treat patients with hepatitis C, we pay attention to all aspects of your quality of life, both physical and emotional.

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Tailor-made medicine

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