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Hepatitis B – Treatment in Israel

Hepatitis B (HBV) is an infectious liver disease caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV) that attacks the liver, and this inflammatory disease can be either acute or chronic. HBV is a serious health problem worldwide, with the WHO estimating that it leads to one million deaths each year. At The Center for Liver Diseases at Sheba Medical Center in Israel, we offer advanced, tailored treatments in our state-of-the-art inpatient and outpatient clinics. Specialists from a variety of medical disciplines will work together to design your integrative treatment plan.

Hepatitis B treatment in Israel. Sheba Hospital also offers cutting-edge leukemia treatment and lymphoma treatment

Treatments at Sheba

To determine the most effective, personalized treatment for your case of hepatitis B, Sheba’s physicians will perform a comprehensive examination of your condition. With a total dedication to providing individualized care, we will ensure that you benefit from the best therapies for your unique needs.

Treating acute hepatitis B:

If you are diagnosed with acute HBV, it is possible that adequate rest, drinking plenty of fluids and electrolytes, and eating nutritiously are sufficient treatments to enable your immune system to fight the infection.

Treating chronic hepatitis B:

If you are diagnosed with chronic HBV, you might require lifelong monitoring and antiviral treatment. At our Center for Liver Diseases, we provide consultation regarding the need for antiviral medication, customize the treatment individually and offer various critical procedures for patients with cirrhosis and its complications, including draining ascitic fluid, administering IV medications, and placing a transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS) for selected patients. We also provide consultation regarding the available options to treat hepatic encephalopathy and upper GI bleeding. We also evaluate and advise patients who require a liver transplantation due to hepatitis B.

Hepatitis B treatment in Israel

Our treatments for chronic HBV include

Specialized antiviral medications

Our experts offer the most modern, cutting-edge antiviral medications. These drugs are taken orally and can help fight hepatitis B by suppressing the replication of the virus and weakening its ability to damage your liver and lead to cirrhosis, liver failure, or primary liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma). Currently, there are three major antiviral drugs that are considered highly effective.

To match you with the most efficient and individualized antiviral drugs, Sheba specialists will perform diagnostic testing to determine the extent of your liver inflammation and scarring. These diagnostic tests include a non-invasive fibroscan test, elastography to measure the elasticity of your liver tissue, or an ultrasound-guided liver biopsy to obtain a definitive diagnosis.

Interferon injections

Interferon is a substance that your body produces naturally to help fight infection. Interferon injections involve taking a synthetic version of this substance.

Hepatitis B treatment in Israel

Why Come to Sheba for Treatment for Hepatitis B?

Cutting-edge treatments

we offer the most advanced antiviral therapies available

Extensive experience

we treat approximately 6,500 patients per year at The Center for Liver Diseases at Sheba

Multidisciplinary care

doctors from a range of departments collaborate to design your complete, personalized health care plan

All-inclusive facility

we are the largest hospital in the Middle East and provide all medical services under one roof

Patient-centric comfort

to ensure as smooth an experience as possible, a personal coordinator from Global patient services will assist you with every detail of your time at Sheba

World recognized

full accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI), the coveted gold standard for healthcare

Sheba Medical Center A Recognized Leader in Global Healthcare

Sheba Medical Center, the largest and most prominent medical center in the Middle East, continues to set the standard for excellence in care. For the fifth year in a row, Newsweek included Sheba on their list of the world’s best hospitals, in addition to naming it as one of the best smart hospitals and a leader in gastroenterology, neurology, and cardiology. Sheba’s vision for global healthcare combines clinical excellence and medical innovation alongside international collaboration, and we employ these powerful resources to help patients worldwide.

Meet Our Doctors

Yana Davidov-Darbianik, MD

Senior Physician at the Center for Liver Diseases

Dr. Davidov is a specialist in internal medicine, with a focus on the treatment of various liver diseases, including hepatitis B and C, fatty liver, viral liver diseases, autoimmune and cholestatic liver disease (PBC, PSC), and cirrhosis. She studied medicine at the National University, School of Fundamental Medicine, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

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Holistic Healthcare to Optimize Healing

While the hepatitis B infection attacks your liver in particular, Sheba’s physicians understand that this disease can also have serious effects on your overall well-being and quality of life. That’s why we consider more than just your HBV when we custom-design the most effective treatment for each patient. In line with Sheba’s holistic approach, your exceptional medical team comprises interdisciplinary specialists, including hepatologists, gastroenterologists, hepatobiliary surgeons, radiologists, oncologists, psychologists, and supportive social services staff. Working together, we will address your total health – physical and emotional.

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