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Hemophilia Gene Therapy in Israel

Hemophilia is a rare and life-threatening bleeding disorder. Typically inherited, this disease is caused by a lack of clotting factors in your blood. The conventional treatment includes regular replacement of the missing clotting factor via infusion. Yet, now on the horizon is hemophilia gene therapy, a groundbreaking treatment based on genetic engineering. Hemophilia gene therapy aims to eradicate the disease for life – with only a single dose. Sheba Medical Center is presently one of the only places in the world to offer this innovative treatment.

Hemophilia Gene Therapy in Israel

How does hemophilia gene therapy in Israel work?

Hemophilia gene therapy begins by engineering healthy genes in a laboratory and then inserting them into the genetic material of a human virus. This virus is infused into the patient and eventually cleared from the body by the liver. However, even after the virus has left the body, the healthy genes remain behind. The goal is that these engineered genes will stay in the liver cells and multiply, thereby replacing the defective genes that caused the hemophilia. As a result, the bleeding disorder will be resolved.

The infusion of the healthy genes is done as a one-time treatment, and regular follow-up is required weekly for the first year. Long-term monitoring continues for five years.

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What conditions are treated by hemophilia gene therapy?

Hemophilia is classified by the specific clotting factor that is insufficient or missing from the person’s blood. The two types of hemophilia are type A (clotting factor VIII deficiency) and type B (clotting factor IX deficiency). At present, hemophilia gene therapy is already available for hemophilia A and Sheba Medical Center is already recruiting participants for clinical gene therapy trials of patients with Hemophilia B.

Why choose Sheba for hemophilia gene therapy?

Our exclusive experience

we are the first healthcare facility to make hemophilia gene treatment available to international medical tourists

Advanced medical department

Sheba’s National Hemophilia Center is an internationally renowned center staffed by experts who have excelled in FDA evaluations

Individualized care

multidisciplinary doctors collaborate to personalize every treatment program to meet your unique needs

Affordable treatment

optimal value for a cost that is much lower than other leading hospitals worldwide; our fees are fully transparent

Gold standard of safety

fully accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI)

Patient-friendly experience

a personal coordinator from our Global patient services assists with every detail of your therapy

Sheba Medical Center A Leader in Medicine and Biotechnological Innovation

Established in 1948, Sheba Medical Center is the Middle East's largest and leading medical center. For the fifth year in a row, Sheba has been ranked by Newsweek as one of the world’s best hospitals and smart hospitals, as well as a world leader in gastroenterology, neurology, and cardiology. Known for its excellence in patient-centric care, Sheba offers a wide range of medical divisions and specialties, with dedicated acute care, rehabilitation, gynecology and obstetrics, oncology, pediatrics, and cardiology hospitals and centers. Our highly qualified specialists are involved in innovative treatments and cutting-edge research programs, enabling us to offer patients personalized medical care and advanced life-saving technology to patients worldwide.

A future free of hemophilia is no longer just a dream for Eden

Eden was diagnosed with hemophilia at three months old, and he was the first person in Israel to undergo hemophilia gene therapy.

“I had my gene infusion six days ago and I feel really well,” said Eden, now 24 years old. “I received a transfusion and then went home. I still take the clotting factor VIII treatment but if my tests are good, I will stop injecting them… we all hope for good results!”

Meet Our Doctors

The physicians at Sheba’s National Hemophilia Center are pioneering experts in their field. Our doctors have undergone training in premier medical institutions and conducted cutting-edge clinical research in hematology.

Gili Kenet

Prof. Gili Kenet

Director of The National Hemophilia Center and Institute of Thrombosis & Hemostasis

Prof. Kenet is a pediatric hematologist who is currently leading Sheba’s clinical research studies on treating hemophilia with gene therapy.

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Tami Barazani Brutman, PhD

The National Hemophilia Center and Thrombosis Institute

Dr. Barazani-Brutman leads the study coordinators team at our National Hemophilia Center. She joined the center in 2009, and has since been responsible for all clinical trials in the field of hemophilia and thrombosis.

Holistic Healthcare we care for the whole patient

At Sheba, we consider more than just the disease. Our doctors practice holistic medicine that pays attention to your overall well-being and comfort, both physical and emotional. Our multidisciplinary team focuses on the ways that hemophilia challenges your quality of life, and we strive to design therapeutic solutions to support your unique needs. Alongside our therapies, which are based on the latest Western medicine and science, we offer complementary treatments from physiotherapists, nutritionists, psychologists, and social workers. Sheba is your source for all-inclusive 24/7 care.

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