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Treatments for Germ Cell Tumors:


Once the diagnostic evaluation is complete, a surgical resection is usually planned. If the malignancy is ovarian or testicular, the tumor will be removed along with the normal ovary or testis. A biopsy of the abdominal lymph nodes may also be performed.

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In cases where the tumor has spread, or if it cannot be removed entirely or easily, chemotherapy is administered before and after surgery. Germ cell tumors are typically very sensitive to chemotherapy, and a combination of chemo drugs may be used, according to standard American and European treatment protocols. When the germ cell tumor is located in the brain, a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy may be used.

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Immunotherapy mobilizes the body’s immune system cells to fight cancer. In cases of resistance to treatment or recurrence, immunotherapy has demonstrated effectiveness against germ cell tumors.

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Holistic Healing at Sheba

When our team designs each treatment program for children with germ cell tumors, we personalize it to consider the child’s unique condition and needs. We are dedicated to healing children in a way that helps them enjoy the fullest quality of life possible. Coping with cancer is difficult, and we offer a range of supportive services for the child and his or her family, including psychologists, social workers, nutritionists, and rehabilitation therapists. Treatment at Sheba is all-inclusive, with everything provided under one roof.

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