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Enhancing Patient Safety and Care with AI Solutions

Sheba Medical Center is working on enhancing patient safety with AI solutions.
Sheba’s culture of innovation, evident in its application of AI technology, continues to improve patient safety and care – making treatment more accurate, accessible, and efficient.

With improving patient care a top priority, Sheba recognized technological innovation as an essential enabler of progress and transformation, with a particular emphasis on artificial intelligence. 

According to Prof. Eyal Zimlichman, Sheba’s Chief Transformation and Innovation Officer as well as Founder and Director of the ARC Innovation Center, “In terms of patient safety, we’ve made no progress over the past 30 years,” and only through the application of innovative healthcare technology are we taking steps in the right direction and bringing real change to the system. 

At Sheba’s ARC (Accelerate, Redesign, Collaborate) Innovation Center, we remain dedicated to improving healthcare worldwide. It is through this culture of innovation that physicians have been able to successfully improve patient care and healthcare outcomes. 

With the launch of Aidoc in 2016, Sheba found a way to overcome the challenges involved in reading and interpreting radiology scans that were, until then, unavoidable. Today, this technology is used in more than 1000 hospitals worldwide to predict, prevent and cure medical conditions – improving patient outcomes and health. 

As physicians no longer have to spend endless hours going over these scans, they can focus on their patients, improving the accuracy and efficiency of the treatments they provide while adding that personal touch to patient care that we pride ourselves on. When treating conditions early, we reduce hospitalization time and incidences of chronic illness and increase the chance of full recovery. 

As Prof. Zimlichman notes, “By employing an AI solution to analyze medical imaging outputs, a suspected stroke in a CT scan will be identified more accurately and much faster compared to the traditional way, helping reduce mortality.”

Only through innovation will hospitals worldwide build on enhancing patient safety and care, and at Sheba, we understand that change isn’t just about identifying and solving ad hoc problems, but involves redesigning the system at its core through advanced healthcare technology.

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